Sunday, October 30, 2011

AlionLive in Madeira! Become a sponsor!

NO! I do not want YOU to sponsor my trip;)

If you have not noticed my joy dances on the Internet: Someone is actually so nice to invite me for 2 weeks to the beautiful Portuguese island of Madeira. I always wanted to go there and now I'm invited to go there, including flight, hotel, etc. Just great!

Now not only I came up with the idea that it would simply GREAT, if I would shoot a AlionLive episode on Madeira. The previous episodes were always day trips and therefore has the capacity of my memory cards for the camera somehow always been enough. But on a two week travel, I will not be able to even shoot a fraction of the journey, before my memory carda are full, probably not even the highlights.

And here it is where YOU can help me: I'm going to buy my self another 2-3 16 GB memory cards and a generous donor, Mr. Markus Prell, has already donated a 16 GB card. THANK YOU MARK! But even that will not be enough. To make it short: The more space I have, the more AlionLive of Madeira will be. A 16 GB SD card currently costs around your € 20-25. Of course, smaller cards will also do the job, but less than or 4 GB are not really fun, since I'm more at changing cards than actually film stuff ;)

So if you have some money left over and want to sponsor this episode, then send me one or more SD card(s) to the following postal address:

Jürgen Wolther
Anklamer Ring 58
D-22147 Hamburg /Germany

The camcorder is compatible with regular SD cards (SDHC) from 4 to 32 GB and SDXC card with 48 or 64 GB. The latter are, according to my information, very expensive, so I do not expect that someone sends one of them ;)

YOU will, of course, be mentioned in the episode of AlionLive as donor when you donate. I can also advertise your website, your blog, your business, your company, etc. Advertising has never been so cheap:) Just tell me if and how you want to be mentioned and I'll do it!

So I can plan a little bit, please send your donation card before 15 November, so that they reache me in time. Thanks in advance!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Alion Meditations is becoming a seperate project!

Dear friends! During the creation and release of the first five parts of the scheduled concept album "Alion Meditations" it became more and more obvious to me, that I couldn't keep "meditation music" approach alive. Not just, that the term "meditation music" has a bad taste, because of releases by monetary oriented late hippies. Also the musical direction my releases (particularly the parts 6 to 9) for the planned album changed into a way, which made it close to impossible to keep the original approach alive. It simply didn't fit into those well known and stupid terms, such as "Ambient", "Chillout" or "Ethno", anymore... if I would love those terms loved by the music INDUSTRY at all.
Well, as I announced some time ago, I don't want to release music with no regard to the musical genre under the well established name alionsonny anymore, but split the project alionsonny to a few seperate genre specific projects. The new child project will release music of a calm, experimental kind, using folk influences and partly folk instrumentation. Additionally it partly will show the typical love for effects extravaganza, which had lead me to the Dub Reggae. The name for the new project has allready been chosen, but will not be published now, for "surprise purposes" ;). All existing songs of the project, namely "Meditation One" to "Meditation Nine" will get new names. The remaining four songs of the (traditionally) 13 song album are allmost finnished. The first album of the project will still be released in 2011.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

AlionLive Episode 4 - In the Lueneburg Heath

This episode of AlionLive is, compared to the previous episodes, quite short. It is just one part with a runtime of nearly 15 minutes. The reason is, that the filmed video material was not enough for more. Why did I film not more? Well, the Lueneburg Heath of cause provides a lot of very nice impressions, but there is a difference if you are on a videotrip all by yourself or there's somebody with you who does not like to be filmed at all. And exctly that was the case. And it is not very nice to run around with the camera in your face, totally ignoring the person you are with. However: I hope you like that short, but very nice episode of AlionLive:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Progress at the alionsonny webshop - complete redising of

Yes, it all takes a bit longer than I expected. First I had not thought about some things and had to find solutions for a variety of obstacles, relating specifically the synchronization of the main site and shop. I honestly admit that I had thought of some things not at all so far, such as a safe way to use a single database for both sites. Now everything is conceptually clear and must "only" be implemented.

I wanted to build the shop
based on the PHP class library of so far. Why reinvent the wheel? When I was at the point of letting the shop take shape, I noticed that in the PHP-class collection, from the over the years a lot of redundant code garbage has accumulated . This would ultimately lead to delays and confusion over and over again and make the whole anything but efficient.

For this reason I decided to make a blatant cut and redesign the class library based on my present knowledge and remove remnants of earlier days rigorously. This will make the code a lot more efficient, manageable and better. For this purpose it is necessary, to review each and every bit of code, just to see where it makes sense to make changes. Most likely a large part of the whole stuff will be kicked into trash and reprogrammed.

And while we are at reworking the classes for the shop, why not also give a complete overhaul?
Good idea! I have long thought about giving a nicer appearance. Also, the CSS is pretty loaded with artifacts of past days and years and rather confusing. So that's just when you add something new all the time. At some point, quite simply a whole lot of stuff is inside, which is no longer either used or is redundant. So I will take a close look at just about everything from HTML to PHP code, CSS style sheets to the graphics and rework it.

Visitors to I can reassure: It is not an "open-heart surgery.", because the whole thing is just too extensive. Instead, I will tinker with all the changes first here on my local development environment and then upload. So you'll most likely see nothing of the whole thing until I've finished it all. Then, one day, you will visit the site again and BOOOM: Everything will be new, nicer and better;)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The adventure of getting my free downloads off the web

Yes, it's done! There should be no free downloads of my music available online anymore. Well maybe, I missed one or the other, but I don't care. Der majority, especially the many songs I uploaded to various music upload sites myself, is gone. Some pages offered the possibility to convert the free downloads into pay-downloads and I did this wherever possible. But most of those sites want a quite big fee and because I do not accept anything below 50 cent as my share, the downloads are quite expensive there. So you better buy the downloads directly from me, because that's the cheapest way for you to get alionsonny music.

Like said, there's now no music of me available for free on the web. Try it yourself: A Google search for "alionsonny free download" just results in dead links, error messages or fakes. And here it is time for a serious warning: PLEASE do not download any EXE-files from websites, where they promise you free alionsonny music downloads! There's a russian company, which has dozens if not hundreds of websites under different names scattered across the web. And behind the "music download link", there's in fact a EXE-file. I tested it and my malwarescanner screamed in pain. So don't be fooled by folks telling you that it is a "free accesstool" which gives you access to free downloads. Well, actually I would not feel very sorry for people who are NOW trying to get my music for free and catch trojans, virusses etc., but I'm not as evil as you may think. But now you have bben warned and it is your own fault if you still try it.

Well, it was quite an adventure to get all those downloads off the web. As an example I want to name former site called Garageband. I uploaded some music there from 2004 to, I think so, 2006. Then I somehow forgot about it. While running thru my music upload bookmarks I ran across that old thing again. Garageband somehow got sold meanwhile to a site called ILike and I like again was somehow merged with Myspace. On all sites I tried to at least keep the possibility for people to stream (listen to) the music and only take down the ability to download for free. But at that former Garageband and now ILike site I had no choice. Because the admin tool was only half functional, I had to delete all the songs there completely. Well after that I would have liked to get rid of the now completely useless ILike account. But to my surprise the "Delete Account" link took me to the page of Myspace where I could delete my Myspace account. And at this stage I didn't want to do that. But soon after, that should change. So I was at the Myspace account administration page and thought, that it would be a great idea to deactivate the free downloads of songs I had uploaded to Myspace. But to my surprise, Myspace no longer has the possibility to make songs available for streaming only. If you upload music to Myspace, you are forced to give it all away for free. I didn't find that very funny, especially as Myspace NEVER informed me about this serious change. So I simply canceled my Myspace account while I was at deleting stupid useless shit. And I hoped that the stupid useless ILike page (powered by Myspace Music) would now also vanish automatically, but it still was there after my Myspace page was allready toast. So I put a heavy rant on the page instead of my artist biography and uploaded a "Fuck You"-finger as the artist picture. So I hope that if some day somebody respomsible stumbles across this Web 2.0 ruin, he will kill that useless account.

But that was just the most prominent case of a Web 2.0 ruin or abandonned website. On countless sites the only thing I could do was just take down all stuff, because the sites had become abandonned, not longer administrated website ruins, where the admintools have been taken over by kiddie hackers, who have their, sometimes cruel, fun there. Some of the sites were hijacked and wrecked so much, that they distributed trojans, virusses and other flavors of malware in big discount family packs. Good if you only go on such pages well prepared with security features enabled. Still I let my virusscanner do a full system scan after it all.

Well, but in the end only one thing really counts: Mission accomplished. Now I can really start building the webshop for you.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Finally: A new alionsonny musicvideo!

Yes friends, it is done. After a whole year, or maybe a bit more, there is finally a new alionsonny musicvideo And we take a big leap from "Meditation" One to "Meditation Nine". STOP: That doesn't mean that the parts 2 to 8 of the Alion Meditations series will be forever without a video. It just did fit so well this time. Enough words for now. Let the sounds and the images do the talk. Enjoy my new video:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

AlionLive Episode 3 - Bikeride City of Hamburg is now complete and online!

Yes, it is done! Roughly three weeks after I filmed the whole thing, now all 8 parts (rughly 2 hours) are edited and uploaded. Why it all took that long is explained in the aftermath, which is this time "just a bit" more detailled. Again it was much fun to film it all and edit it. I hope you have at least as much fun watching it. There will be no new AlionLive for quite a time now, because the weather doesn't fit and I have to make some music again. And then my musicshop must be finnished. Much fun with AlionLive Episode 3!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

News & what's happening?

Some of you may have noticed that something is going on again here. 2 days ago, the 4th part of episode 3 of AlionLive was uploaded on Youtube. Finally I know how many parts it will be, because, thanks to the now fully functional work computer, I managed to edit, cut and subtitle all the stuff finally. After all it will be seven parts, so there are three still missing. Two of those are edited and rendered and one of them will be uploaded today. For the senventh and last part I have to record an aftermath. I will do this tonight and upload it on the day after tomorrow.
Why did that all take so long? The attentive readers of this Blog and friends on Facebook and Twitter maybe know, that the days around my birthday up to now were a time of bad luck for me. First there was that total faillure of my maincomputer, then I had some personal / private issues and in the end, about a week ago, a harddisk blew off, which fortunately had nothing valuable on it, but was neccessary for video editing etc. Well, not very great, but now everything works again as it is supposed to do.
Some of you asked, when the webshop for buying music will be ready. Answer: I'm working at it and it will take as long as it takes. I came across obstacles, and I have to learn some new stuff, to get it all done. So please have a bit of patience. Then everything will work great in the end, because: Planning and thoughtfull realization is better than sluggish stuff which doesn't work in the end.
What else? Not just the AlionLive stuff is close to be finnished. Also, after a looong time, a brandnew alionsonny musicvideo will be released soon. Apropos alionsonny: That's where we are at one of the biggest changes soon to come. Formerly I released many kinds/genres of music under the name of alionsonny. That caused more problems than it did solve. First, because most music upload sites require to enter a genre for an artist. This was until now impossible. So I had to chose "Miscellaneous", if possible. That was, for example, not possible on Reverbnation, were I have chosen "Reggae". If I choose "Miscellaneuos", people who search for Reggae will not find my music or at least have a hard time to do so. If I choose "Reggae", people complain that I have chosen the wrong genre, once I release, for example an orchestral sountrack track or a Techno track. Another, but quite simmilar problem is, that if a listener found some music he liked by me and I release music of another genre he most probably says "Hey, your songs so far were great, but I hate that new stuff!".
The solution is incredibly simple: I simply become many. Since quite a time, I release Pop-Techno music I do with friends under the name "Willma Poppen Project" or short "Willma Poppen". I will simply do the same for all styles of music I create. Under the name alionsonny, only Reggae, reggaelike and Crossover stuff will be released, because that's what alionsonny mostly is known for. All the other music, like Techno, Electronica, Soundtrack etc. etc. will be released under new project names with own wesites etc. So everybody can pick his flavor and completely concentrate on that project without being distracted by "alien" music. Let me know what you think about it!
Ok, that's it so far!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

All music is available for listening again!

It is done! Unfortunately deleted all my music from their Servers, instead of disabling downloads only, as I told you in the last blog posting. Now I found a quick and efficient solution to make the songs available for listening again. Since 2004 I use No free downloads are available there now, but Soundclick offers songplayers for single songs and also for my complete song catalogue embeddable into websites. On the music summary page I now embedded a player containing my whole backcatalogue of 163 songs. You can listen all songs in one list there. Additionally all 163 songs are available for listening from my songlist on now.
On Soundclick you can also buy songdownloads for 0.75 US Dollars of which 0.52 US Cents go to my account. I want to offer songdownloads in my own shop for 0.50 US Cents or 0.50 Euro Cents in the future. But if you do not want or cannot wait you can now buy them on Soundclick, as it will take some time until my own shop will be available.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sorry, all music offline currently!

I'm sorry to inform you, that not just not music is any longer availble on this site for download, but also all song streaming/listening is not possible anymore. This means basically, that there's no music on anymore.
In the past I hosted all my music on All downloads & streams came from there. Bacause of my decision to not give away my music for free anymore, I asked the folks at, to make my music streamable only and remove the download links. Obviously the folks at were angry about my decision and informed me that all my stuff has been removed completely.
So i am very sorry, that the music is now not even available for listening. I couldn't foresee the harsh reaction of the folks at on my decision to no longer allow unlimited downloads.
I promise that I will find a solution which will make it possible for you to listen to my music soon. Just give me a bit of time to find a solution. If anybody out there has a bit of webspace available for about 150 to 200 MP3s, please get in touch with me. I'm currently busy building the new musicshop, so it may take a bit of time for me to get it all up and running again. Sorry for any inconviniences.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Progress at /

Ok, not really much has happened. I fixed some stuff at the database backend which bothered me since quite a time. One of the most annoying things has been fixed also. I regularly got complaints, mostly by idiots who wanted to show how "smart" they think they are. Why I think this? Because those complains came mostly as replies to forum posts I wrote some idiots didn't like so much. They came like "hey, before you say anything, why not fix your buggy website" etc.
It was not really a big thing, because most people were able to view the website without a problem, including me. Still those folks showed me sometimes screenshots etc. and first I thought it was a browser specific problem, eventhough I wondered how a browser specific problem could cause PHP or MySQL errors. Yesterday a friendly person gave me a hint in the right direction. He said, that the trouble happens, if the site is browsed by entering ,for example, without the www. part. From that moment on I pretty much knew where the error was caused. But seriously: I never browsed a website without entering the www. part. So to make it short: That strange error should be fixed now. If you find any more errors, glitches, bugs or other ugly stuff, please let me know.
I allready know about the trashed CSS layout on the song detail pages. I'll fix that next.

Friday, June 17, 2011

AlionLive Episode 2 is now completely online!

Oups, nearly I forgot to inform you about that here, Most of you probably know that there is a second episode of AlionLive and have viewed it more or less completely. Yeah, the editing and uploading took a while again. Well, it is 6 parts with a runtime of roughly 15 minutes each. So it is roughly 1 1/2 hours. Most of the time took the creation of the english subtitles.
I love it to see the number of viewers increasing slowly but steadily. This of cause encourages me to film more episodes and create new ideas for AlionLive. Many thanks to all of you again who let me know via mail, Facebook and Twitter, that they liked it. And here's the full second episode of AlionLive. Have Fun!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Musicians wanted for AlionLive!

Today I have something very different for you than usually. Many of you might know my new video format AlionLive. If not, then have a look at it now. Each part of an episode of AlionLive is due to the maximum upload size of Youtube just under 15 minutes long and so far I have always accompanied it with my own music. Yesterday I got the idea to now also offer the possibility to other musicians to get their music featured in AlionLive episodes, and gain additional people to get to know about the music of rather lesser-known artists. And if I know one, then it is that independent artists who do not have a major record deal, can not have enough, namely promotion. And this I would like to provide to you, dear reader, if you are a musician. If you are concerned that unscrupulous people then just steal the music from the video and may no longer buy your MP3s, I can reassure you. Since I more or less talk over the music, the whole would be more of a mixed blessing ;). So what are you waiting for? Your music could already be presented in the next AlionLive episode. On request, a link to your website is displayed or a purchase link to the MP3. So you can directly gain new customers from AlionLive. The whole thing is very simple: You send an email to and possible high-quality version of the song you like to have presented at AlionLive. We will discuss everything else then. I look forward to your mail! Ah, and by the way: This is all for free!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Updates and work at

First I want to apologize to the visitors and users of for som inconviniences, which occured during the past weeks. Somehow the songlist was not updated correctly, and because of that my entry for the Leah Rosier Remix Contest aswell as my Teddybears cover "Punkrocker" did not appear. Somehow that had to do with some databasetable and I don't want to bore you with technical details. This should be fixed now. I took the opportunity to work a bit further at the website. Since quite a time there are some not so nice problems with the site, which are actually quite serious security leaks in conclusion with our all the time beloved hackers. I am not talking about real and serious hackers here, but rather about so called script kiddies who feel very cool, if they manage it to break into a private website and fuck something up. So I fixed some fat problems connected to the main database core classes, which caused at least some ugly PHP error messages.
Ok, and during the next weeks I will fix some minor problems, which for example fuck up the CSS regularly. And I will extend the website. Yes, right: There wil be NEW STUFF on I seriously think about implementing optional registration for user accounts, to supply, for example a newsletter for REAL fans. Let me surprise you!
I'll close this posting with apologies upfront for any inconviniences which may occur as result of the work at It is no "work at the open heart of the site", because I have a quite good development environment here, which allows me to test the modules before I put them online. But minor errors and bugs are allways possible. I ask you explicitly, to send me mails if you come across stuff which doesn't work or look like it should over a longer period of time. That way I eventually get to know about errors which I did not notice. Thanks in advance for your patience and help!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New song "Punkrocker (Teddybears Cover)" is out & more...

Well, my listeners really has to wait a long time since my last song release. But as some kind of a compensation for this, the new release is really something special. Some time ago a friend pointed me to the music of a swedish band, called Teddybears and I quickly learned to love their music. Especially I liked a song they had released with one of the founding fathers of Punkrock: Iggy Pop. It was a song titled "Punkrocker". If you dont know the original track and want to give it a listen, just go to Youtube and search for Teddybears and Punkrocker. I would have liked to embed a video here, but the last time I linked to a video of that song either the video had been taken down or there was that familiar message, that the video was not available in my country. So, go and search for yourself and you'll find.
Well, and because I liked that song SO much und I started to re-create the instrumental part in my sequencer software, I thought to myself "Hey, why not do a coverversion?". And if you think, that my version like most of my songs will be instrumental, i can and must surprise you. No, it is not an instrumental version, and now for the surprise: I sing it myself! Yes, this is quite a rare thing, and I'll do it again very soon. On can say that I found my vocalist voice once again.
The song is NO on-to-one copy of the original. It has the typical alionsonny sound & flavor. At least this is, what the first reactions by listeners told me and I think they are right. They said that this track has the typical alionsonny sound, just a bit "different".
Well and now enough words, here's the song:

and as allway the eternally working links at
Punkrocker (Teddybears Cover) - LISTEN
Punkrocker (Teddybears Cover) - DOWNLOAD

To celebrate the end I want to mention that the next episode of AlionLive has been allready filmed yesterday. It features a biketour to the Sachsenwald, a forest near Hamburg / Germany. Alltogether I filmed about four hours of video material. This is roughly 1/3 or 1/4 of the material filmed for episode one. However, I will NOT use the ful about four hours of material, but only the highlights. This will be a funny and lengthy video cutting session. The episode is, as announced in german language, but will have english subtitles.
Well, and that's it. I'm off for cutting video!

Friday, May 20, 2011

AlionLive - New Videoshowidea - First Episode is online!

Here's something new from me again. This time you can see me live, private and in colour on video. I know that this will be a shocking experience for some of you, but I love it soooo much to surprise, baffle and sometimes shock you all out there. So, what's it all about? It is some kind of a lifevideoshow, in which I want to show you a bit of the stuff you don't know about me so well. Well, some of you folks complained about that I am too alien and unaproachable, even tho I am quite open in my communcation online. But with those videos which go under the working title "AlionLive", I want to even more become your "musician next door". The whole thing is planned as a mix of information, comedy, music and purest madness.
The first episode has allready been published on Youtube and the filming began 1 1/2 weeks ago. It shows in four parts a walk thru the nature reserves in the north of Hamburg / Germany, of cause spiced up with some of the best alionsonny music. So here's episode one of AlionLive. Have Fun!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New service by alionsonny: The "alionsonny random Song of the day"!

This idea came to life because of a listener, wondering about all the songs I had released since July 2004, and he didn't know abut most of them. Well, some people seem to have major problems visiting and browsing the songs section of For all those people and those who are simply too lazy to browse thru the huge load of songs which stacked up since 2004, I created a new service: I'll daily randomly pick one song as the "alionsonny random Song of the day" and post it on the social network sites I am on, especially on Facebook. So I hope to get especially my older songs to my new listeners and friends. So here we go with the first "alionsonny random Song of the day". It was first released on February 27th 2007, and it is "Progress (feat. MC Dubbel-U Bush)":

Progress (feat. MC Dubbel-U Bush) - LISTEN
Progress (feat. MC Dubbel-U Bush) - DOWNLOAD

Friday, April 15, 2011

New song and my entry for the Leah Rosier "Irie" Remix Contest is out!

Yeah, some time has passed since my last song release. This is due to some other projects I am working at and, I confess, some kind of lazyness. But I am back with something special. There's a great Reggae vocalist from Holland and her name is Leah Rosier. I REALLY advise all of the reggaelovers amongst my listeners to check out her music. YOU WILL LOVE HER!
Leah and Dubbhism started a remix contest on her song "Irie" recently and as I found the vocals really great and felt like doing a remix at all, I gave it a try. Well, first my other projects kept me from working at it most of the time, but then, 3 days ago, I wanted to finnish it. What I had on my mind when I first listened to the accapella was the "Ghetto People" or "Lalabella" riddim. When I listened to the accapella on it's own, imagining what bassline etc. could fit for it, there was allways the bassline of that riddim. Strangely after a time, there was also another thing which came to my mind: The chord progression of Blue Oyster Cults "Don't fear the Reaper". When I told friends about that, they said "Sonny, you did far too long listen to that accapella. You must have audio hallucinations!" ;)
Ok, so I had the idea, that somehow I would put at least influences of both of those songs into it. Then I had the idea to go even further and put modified (or like some friend said malformed/mutated) versions of 2 other classic riddim basslines into it: The Slengteng Riddim and my beloved Alibaba Riddim. I f you hear closely to my version of Leah's "Irie" you will hear them for sure.
Well I got hooked on that accapella and I will publish another version which will be very different from the one I have done yesterday. Yes, the remix has been released yesterday allready. The contest rules say I may not upload this song anywhere than on Soundcloud until 17th of April when the contest ends. After that I will for sure upload it on and all the other music upload sites on the great wide web. Until then, you find the song ONLY on Soundcloud, but you may also download it for free from there, just as allways. Enough words, here's the music:

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why is nothing happening here? Where's the music?

No, dear friends of my music, dear listeners, I am not lost without trace and of cause I have not given up making music. As my true fans know, I am quite versatile and do loads of different stuff. And amongst all that I am a programmer / software developer and currently I am on that path again. I am working at an old dream of mine, my fractal generator AlionFractal. Only a few folks know about the first version of that software which I made, for several reasons, only available to a assorted group of people. Now I am working hard on version 2 of AlionFractal, the first official version. I am having loads of fun working at that project and so I simply didn't find the time to work at new music. Of cause I am working at some songs from time to time, but it was not enough to publish a song. Well, currently I am approaching a milestone in my software projects development, and once that milestone is reached, I'll for sure publish some new music. So you really don't have to wait very long for a new release. If you want to read about my progress at my software project, just visit my software development blog (currently ONLY IN GERMAN), by following this link.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Part eight of the "Alion Meditations" series has just been released!

Yepp, and on we go, friends of the calm and meditative sounds. The eighth part of the "Alion Meditations" series is here! Some listeners told me, that the recent parts of the series were a bit to rythm oriented for them, so this part comes alomg without any drums and percussion instruments. The whole song floats nicely along, thanks to the magic of audio filters and ping-pong-delays. This time the song is also a bit longer. Instead of the traditional five minute playtime, it is about six minutes long. Is there another thing to say about this song? No! So here's the song

and as allways the indestructible links at
Meditation Eight - LISTEN
Meditation Eight - DOWNLOAD

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Song "Drunken Joe... in Love" has been released!

Yes yes, once more a new song release is announced relatively late on But, well, better late than never. The new song is a Reggae production, to be exactly, the fourth part of the "Drunken Joe"-Saga. It all began in the year 2004, the year in which the alionsonny project was born with the song "Drunken Joe on his Journey home" and was continued in 2005 with "Drunken Joe at the Dancehall" and 2006 with "Drunken Joe in Space". Since then, many listeners asked, when the "Drunken Joe"-Saga will continue. Well, now it happened and as many listeners allready told me, it is a 100% fitting new chapter of the "Drunken Joe"-Saga. As allways there's a bit of a story behind this song which tells an episode of the life of Drunken Joe. Since the beginnig of Joe's journey through the world of heavy drinking, Joe was looking for a woman who could keep up with him at the art of heavy drinking. The problem allways was, that the women he met allways failled miserably in keeping up with his drinking behaviour. A short while ago, Joe met Josephine, a woman who starts with three bottles of whiskey as an appetizer. Joe is now absolutely happy to have found his true love. Together they now stumble thru the colorfull world of high grade boozerism. And this new chapter of the saga is a perfect soundtrack for their love. Enough words, here's the song:
Drunken Joe...In Love (The Adventures of Drunken Joe - Chapter 4) by alionsonny
and here the indestructible links at
Drunken Love - LISTEN
Drunken Love - DOWNLOAD

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Reggae Song "Bullet Proof" has been released!

Once again the new song was actually released days ago, to be more precisely, it was 2 days ago. Because some stuff has gotten out of control here, such delays are unfortunately unavoidable. And once again, I note that my loyal "followers or friends" on Twitter and Facebook already knew about the release from the moment when it was first released. So if you are registered with one of the two networks and would like to be informed promptly, you should not miss to follow me or to add me to your friendlist.
Despite the lack of main part of the promotion, the song got a quite astonishing number of listens and downloads. It looks as if this is the most successful reggae song I've ever published. I'm really curious how the statistics develop from now on.
Stylistically, the song is located in the Reggae field, it is a steppers riddim with a good portion of Dub. It was really about time for the release of a new Reggaesong, because if you look at my list of publications, you will notice that the last Reggaerelease of mine, "Going Bonkers", was already at least half a year ago. Because of this, it is obvious why my reggae-oriented fans were getting a little restless and impatient;)
The new year is really going on fiercely creative. Almost 2/3 of January, is over and I already released three songs. If this continues, it will be a very fruitful year. But I always had a good feeling for 2011 after 2010 was a really bad year. Well, let's hope the best.

and again the immortal Links at
Bulletproof - LISTEN
Bulletproof - DOWNLOAD

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The seventh Chapter of the "Alion Meditations" series has been released!

Actually this song has been released four days ago and my followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook know about it since then, unless the message drowned in the endless digital buzz. The reason why the visitors of get the news that late is the following: Some other things got into my way and I didn't find the time to update this site and additionally I wanted to test how the downloads and streams of the song go, if I use promotion via social networks only.
But now for the new song: After about four moth since the last chapter of the "Alion Meditations" series was released, it was about time to release a new chapter. It was especially about time, because many of the folks who enjoyed the previous chapters were strongly demanding a new chapter. Because of that I halted all other projects and ideas. AND HOW GLAD I AM ABOUT THIS NOW! Somehow I had exactly the right ideas, mood and inspiration for it at the day I created "Meditation Seven". The whole song was created in about 6 hours and it took additional 2 hours to get the mix cleaned up and to remove some oddities. And it was woth the work, because the first feedback I got for the song was all positive and encouraging, sometimes even euphoric. I am also more than satified and happy with the result and the work at the song gave me quite a lot of inspiration for future works. Here it is, "Meditation Seven":

and as allways the indestructable links at
Meditation Seven - LISTEN
Meditation Seven - DOWNLOAD

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First song in 2011, "Fireworks" has been released!

Yepp, it's done: The first song in 2011 is out. And it really rocks the planet! I am currently developing a new style of alionsonny music. I call it Digipunk because it is meant to be punkrock in a digital style. Ok, it still sounds a lot like Synthpop, but I am still learning to do it right. The next part is perhaps a little more punky. This means that it will most probably sounds a bit more "dirty". Let's see ...
Incidentally, it was quite a fiasco to upload the song on my current main platform for music uploads, SoundCloud. Dozens of times I've tried it and got a nice error message that the upload failed and I should make sure that this is really an audio file. At first I thought that something had gone wrong with the encoding of the MP3. But that would be quite funny if all the other music sites accept the file without a problem. I then uploaded the wav file .. with the same error message as a result. So I mailed the support and got the info that the problem could be the title, because recently some IDIOTS uploaded music that was not theirs. Therefore, the filter would reject a lot of uploads recently. In the next mail I was told that the word "Fireworks" was actually in the filter list. I was asked to rename the song. So I've renamed the MP3 file in freworks.mp3, and entered "Freworks" as the songtitle and voila: It worked! Then I just renamed the title to "Fireworks" and everything was fine.
So let's face it: What is this shit? Why must any stupid idiot upload commercial shit on platforms such as SoundCloud, which are designed for musicians to upload their music? Are there not enough One-Click-Hosters for such crap?
Ok, but now everything is all good and the song is, as always, available for free download and listening:
Fireworks by alionsonny
and here the indestructible links at, where you get the song, if I need to delete it one day because of my limited space at Soundcloud:

Fireworks LISTEN
Fireworks DOWNLOAD