Sunday, October 30, 2011

AlionLive in Madeira! Become a sponsor!

NO! I do not want YOU to sponsor my trip;)

If you have not noticed my joy dances on the Internet: Someone is actually so nice to invite me for 2 weeks to the beautiful Portuguese island of Madeira. I always wanted to go there and now I'm invited to go there, including flight, hotel, etc. Just great!

Now not only I came up with the idea that it would simply GREAT, if I would shoot a AlionLive episode on Madeira. The previous episodes were always day trips and therefore has the capacity of my memory cards for the camera somehow always been enough. But on a two week travel, I will not be able to even shoot a fraction of the journey, before my memory carda are full, probably not even the highlights.

And here it is where YOU can help me: I'm going to buy my self another 2-3 16 GB memory cards and a generous donor, Mr. Markus Prell, has already donated a 16 GB card. THANK YOU MARK! But even that will not be enough. To make it short: The more space I have, the more AlionLive of Madeira will be. A 16 GB SD card currently costs around your € 20-25. Of course, smaller cards will also do the job, but less than or 4 GB are not really fun, since I'm more at changing cards than actually film stuff ;)

So if you have some money left over and want to sponsor this episode, then send me one or more SD card(s) to the following postal address:

Jürgen Wolther
Anklamer Ring 58
D-22147 Hamburg /Germany

The camcorder is compatible with regular SD cards (SDHC) from 4 to 32 GB and SDXC card with 48 or 64 GB. The latter are, according to my information, very expensive, so I do not expect that someone sends one of them ;)

YOU will, of course, be mentioned in the episode of AlionLive as donor when you donate. I can also advertise your website, your blog, your business, your company, etc. Advertising has never been so cheap:) Just tell me if and how you want to be mentioned and I'll do it!

So I can plan a little bit, please send your donation card before 15 November, so that they reache me in time. Thanks in advance!