Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Status alionsonny "Continuity" album

Since not all listeners of my music are on Facebook, and some are, but for some reason missed to subscribe to my news, I can not be sure that all interested folks are informed about the progress regarding the "Continuity" album. For this reason, and because it is also useful information for the monthly alionmind News Blog, I want to describe which 13 tracks will be on the album, and in which state of completion they are. Here we go:

From the pre-release version of this song is NOTHING left. It is the oldest title destined for the album. The first version was presented in 2010 . Accordingly, I had to improve a lot and it was a pretty intense task to make this old song a worthy part of the new album. But: DONE!
Current version : RELEASE

Nero d ' Avola
Despite the fact that, since the last time I worked on this song plenty of time has passed, quite a bit had to be improved here. A little work on mixing and EQing and a few small adjustments to the structure and everything was DONE!
Current version: RELEASE

Going Bonkers
On this item I am currently working and have just a few minor improvements to do. Again, MUCH has been changed here and the release version differs significantly from the pre-release.
Current Version: pre-release

To do yet. However, I can not hear much that could be improved on this song. A little EQing and everything should be done. But let's see.
Current Version: pre-release

Drunken Joe In Love
THAT is still a real problem child! There is extremely much to improve here and I think in the end of this, there will be not much left of the pre-release version ;) .
Current Version: pre-release (awful condition!)

Do not know what to make of it. Certainly a great song, but somehow something is missing ;) .
Current Version: pre-release

Talking Cat
Nice song, some improvements possible, but absolutely nothing I have to be worried about.
Current Version: pre-release

A Sunny Day
The absolutely exceptional track destined for this album in several aspects: There was ZERO suggestions for improvements or even complaints about this track for half a year the first version is now  on SoundCloud. On the contrary, I got an incredible amount of positive feedback about this song. And I can not find anything to improve at "A Sunny Day". So EXCEPTIONALLY the pre-release version was declared to be the release version. DONE!
Current version: RELEASE

Flight of the Butterfly
Okay. Minor improvements are conceivable, but definitely not a big job.
Current Version: pre-release

The Storm
A few obvious opportunities for improvement, but quite ok. Not much work.
Current Version: pre-release

Pirates of Madeira
I am tempted to declare the pre-release version to be the release version, but let's wait and see. I think it is perfect!
Current Version: pre-release

Ganja In The Jar
Absolutely fine, but I know a few things that can be improved. Not much work to do.
Current Version: pre-release

BrainForest Chapter II
Just finished ... and I think it 's perfect. Nevertheless ... let's see... ;)
Current Version: pre-release

Ok, that's it. I am again at work so that you pretty soon get your album :).