Friday, April 15, 2011

New song and my entry for the Leah Rosier "Irie" Remix Contest is out!

Yeah, some time has passed since my last song release. This is due to some other projects I am working at and, I confess, some kind of lazyness. But I am back with something special. There's a great Reggae vocalist from Holland and her name is Leah Rosier. I REALLY advise all of the reggaelovers amongst my listeners to check out her music. YOU WILL LOVE HER!
Leah and Dubbhism started a remix contest on her song "Irie" recently and as I found the vocals really great and felt like doing a remix at all, I gave it a try. Well, first my other projects kept me from working at it most of the time, but then, 3 days ago, I wanted to finnish it. What I had on my mind when I first listened to the accapella was the "Ghetto People" or "Lalabella" riddim. When I listened to the accapella on it's own, imagining what bassline etc. could fit for it, there was allways the bassline of that riddim. Strangely after a time, there was also another thing which came to my mind: The chord progression of Blue Oyster Cults "Don't fear the Reaper". When I told friends about that, they said "Sonny, you did far too long listen to that accapella. You must have audio hallucinations!" ;)
Ok, so I had the idea, that somehow I would put at least influences of both of those songs into it. Then I had the idea to go even further and put modified (or like some friend said malformed/mutated) versions of 2 other classic riddim basslines into it: The Slengteng Riddim and my beloved Alibaba Riddim. I f you hear closely to my version of Leah's "Irie" you will hear them for sure.
Well I got hooked on that accapella and I will publish another version which will be very different from the one I have done yesterday. Yes, the remix has been released yesterday allready. The contest rules say I may not upload this song anywhere than on Soundcloud until 17th of April when the contest ends. After that I will for sure upload it on and all the other music upload sites on the great wide web. Until then, you find the song ONLY on Soundcloud, but you may also download it for free from there, just as allways. Enough words, here's the music: