Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Continuity" is now available on iTunes and Spotify!

Yeah, who would have thought this? This went quite fast. Big thanks to the Routenote team, because they managed it to set a new "speed record" for making an album available. For "Heroes of the Popp-Culture" and "Mesopotamia" it took a little more than two weeks back then. Now it took just 11 days! That's the way I like it (aha aha) :). I have just checked Amazon. There, the album is not yet to be found, but they always need much longer. I am absolutely ok with that, because from every download sold on iTunes I get a bigger share than from Amazon. Additionally, Amazon squanderes, at least the albums by independent musicians, in my opinion, at ridiculously low prices. Also on Emusic, the album is not yet to be found, but who really uses Emusic? If I remember it right, not a single download of my works has been sold there since June 2012. It seems, that this platform is not very popular. I can not say anything about the availability on the streaming platforms Rdio and Deezer, because they do not offer free access and the catalog can be viewed only by paying customers. I will not pay a single cent, just to see if my album is available there. If you, dear reader, are a customer of these platforms, it would be nice if you could have a look and see if the album is available there and let me know about it. Thanks in advance.

So, I have yet again written a lot. I did not actually expect that ;) So, here are the links, so you can shop comfortably. Make me rich! ;) :)

"Continuity" on iTunes
"Continuity" on Spotify

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Album release! "Continuity" is here!

Yes, it has happened: Today, the album for which you have waited so long has been finally released. However, again I have to disappoint you a bit: Currently, it is only available in my Routenote Direct shop. Do not let the awful design of the shop and the fact, that, due to the lack of a playlist, you cannot can not pre-listen the songs, scare you away . Something is not working with the shop currently and the Routenote guys are most probably already on the job to fix it. I have already "complained" about it ;). And don't be puzzled about the fact, that the album is on position 3 of the album list. So if it is not visible on your superduper Smartphone -> please scroll down a little. It is definitely there. I also do not know why this is. You can also click here . This takes you directly to the album page. You can pay conveniently via Paypal or credit card. If you can wait, the album will soon be available on iTunes , Amazon, and many other well known shops. How long will that take? On average, 4 to 6 weeks, but for the album releases in fall of 2012 it took only 2 weeks for iTunes. Yes, so much time has passed already since "Heroes of the Popp-Culture" and "Mesopotamia".

Oh yes: And of course you can, as always, order the album directly from me for 10 Euros. Simply transfer the money via Paypal to and to be sure, also send an email to the same address. Sending this mail is also a good idea, because otherwise I can not send you the download link. But if you want to transfer me money and get no album, you may also omit the part of sending the mail ;).

So, now that was a long wait full of ups and downs. I have good reasons to hope, that it will not again take three years until the next alionsonny album will be released. Of course, the work at the other projects will ensure that I cannot release another alionsonny album in just a few months, but I have learned some new strategies. Yeah, next is the "Willma Poppen" album "Willma im Wunderland". And next after this is Cimelium's "Madeira" album. But I also have some tracks for the alionsonny project almost done. How will I the next album be titled? Make some suggestions ;).

EDIT: To make up for the missing Routenote playlist, I embed the Soundcloud playlist here. But NOTE: This is NOT the final product. All tracks in this playlist are (some improved) pre-release versions of the tracks and most of them do not match the quality of the album. And please note another thing: On Soundcloud (at least for the free accounts) the audio is compressed to death. So this is just for a slight pre-listening. You have been warned ;)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

It is done! is up to date again and more ...

This went reasonably fast, but it was no mammoth project ;). You may still encounter sporadic side effects of the renovation, but generally should be fully functional again and, much more important, up to date. On this occasion, I also improved some things, which unnecessarily increased the loading time of the page in the past. I have not touched the visual improvements, I mentioned in the past posting, yet, but these are not so important, that I would delay the work on the album any longer.

Continuity ?
Yes, some of you complain about it already. But I really needed that little break, because my ears urgently needed a break. Creating the release versions has really tired them plentiful and at the end I was not sure if I am still able to hear correctly. The musicians amongst you will know what I mean ;). So what's up with the album? It is almost done! I have finished the release versions of the oldest , and therefore most in need of a review, 10 tracks. The three remaining tracks require, in my opinion and the opinion of many listeners, no major overhaul or improvement. Currently I am working, with the involvement of voluntary test listeners, on the playlist, which determines the order of the tracks. This process is also completed, except for the judgment of a particular person, whose opinion is personally very important to me. This will happen this evening. In this respect, although I can not promise anything 100% as always, the album should be, at least in my Routenote shop, this week. ITunes, Amazon and Co. always take a while.

AlionLive is getting bigger!
First of all: Yes, "AlionLive Return 2 Madeira" will be continued soon . But the album has priority. Nevertheless, there is good news for the fans of this project. My friends on Facebook, as always, already know about it... at least I hope so ;). The most important news, especially for readers of this blog, is, that no news regarding AlionLive will be posted on this blog anymore from now on. This blog is now exclusively reserved for the music project alionsonny. News about new videos etc. will from now on be posted on the new AlionLive Blog (CLICK!). There are also some other things that may be particularly of interest for those, who wish to follow my hikes. AlionLive now also has its own page on Facebook and I would be extremely happy if everyone of you would "LIKE" it. So no one should ask me questions why nothing about AlionLive is posted here anymore ;).

Yes, and that's it for this time. I am back at work!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Out of synch...

I don't know how many of you noticed it, but recently my homepage is out of synch with this blog. Usually (until the beginning of the year), news which were posted here appeared almost immediately on, at least to some extent. Also, new videos, music etc. could be found on the homepage with a bit of delay. The reason for this more or less long period of non-synchronicity is now also responsible for the fact that is "frozen" since January 8th.

Why is it? For this I need to get a little bit into the "technical" details. runs not on one of those well-known content management systems, which are quite popular amongst those who either have no time or desire to create their own website. And there is nothing to say against that. "Then why are you doing all the work yourself?" An answer to this can be still read in VERY old posts on this blog. I have used such a system for quite a time, namely the well known and very popular Joomla. At this time the website has been hacked so many times that it really was not funny anymore.  "And your great system is unhackable?". No, most probably not. Nothing is unhackable. But the well known CMSs all have one thing in common: They are very well known ;). A hacker or a so-called hacker crew usually has no desire to deal with a self-made CMS and puzzle out possible vulnerabilities if a so-called exploit for a known CMS allows the hacking of thousands of websites. This is exactly the same as with the viruses and trojans, which exist mainly for the most widely used operating system in the world. Monocultures are vulnerable. But please: Refrain from any OS flamewar here ;). And the other reason for my homemade CMS is that it's fun.

Ok, and the current version of my homepage has been hastily stitched together in spring 2013. It should work and be just finished. Here I have put the main focus on that the site visitors can visit my website and I have not only somewhat neglected myself, the guy who has to file in all the data. This caused the fact, that the procedure of filing in news, music and videos was quite complicated. I spare you the unnecessary details ;).

Earlier this year, this really got on my nerves and I decided to no longer update the homepage for a time and instead to build a convenient so-called admin backend, which makes the whole process a lot easier for me. And that's what I'm doing currently. If you see this text on my home page, at least the updating of plain text news is already done. The filing in of new videos and music will be the next step. So have some patience and maybe subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog. A simple bookmark is of course also a solution. Soon everything will be up again and a fix for some already reported "imperfections" is already on it's way.