Friday, July 9, 2010

News from the Willma Poppen Project

First I want to shout out to all of you who think that there's not enough happening here "SO WHAT? ARE YOU PAYING ME?". Well that did good ;) Ok, seriously: Actually I am allways working at one of my various projects and if some of you are unable to keep track of it all after I posted the links to my projects several times, it is not my problem. The really cool ones of you ;) are allways up to date via Twitter at all and the other, well, they have to wait. And while we are talking about my various projects: There's news from Willma. Wilma who? Willma Poppen, aka the Willma Poppen Project. Still no clue? This website will help you.
And the Willma Poppen Project has released a new song. After two years of total silence, those of you who enjoyed the tracks from 2008 will be very happy, I think. Well, so we stop the talking and let the music do the talking:

Willma Poppen - Herores of the Popp-Culture - LISTEN
Willma Poppen - Herores of the Popp-Culture - DOWNLOAD