Friday, April 30, 2010 under construction!

This is to inform you about the fact that (and now will be under heavy construction for several hours. As this will be an "open heart surgery", it is most likely that you'll experience strange, weird and maybe funny effects which are related to the reconstruction. So why is it? I am happy to announce that I got the, which will be now a starting page for all german speaking people to the alionsonny-website. My provider upgraded my webpackage without charging me more cash and included are 4 four additional domains. I will have now to change the language dfriven part of the websites underlying system to make it all work. I'll also take this as an opportunity to improve some of the php-code and site features. Stay tuned and bear with me in the times of change.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Track #8 for the "Alion Original Soundtrack"-Project "Alion Castle Theme" is online!

Yes, I've done it again! Another song for the "Alion Original Soundtrack"-Project is ready for you to listen and download for free. This song is for exploring "Alion Castle" and the city of "Alion" that surrounds it. This song is meant to sound very majestic, reflecting the beauty and greatness of the castle and the city. This time I completely ommited a drum or percussion part. For my taste, the instruments add enough rythm and accentuation to the song. If you are really missing any drums and percussion in this song, there'll be more than enough in the next song ;)

Alion Castle Theme (Alion OST) - LISTEN

Alion Castle Theme (Alion OST) - FREE DOWNLOAD

Monday, April 26, 2010

New song "Aurora Borealis" has just been released!

After a very creative week during which I released 3 new songs, I needed a little break. But now a brandnew song has been released. This time it is hard to describe what kind of music it is. I would call it chillout music, but I'm sure that there will some people out there who will disagree with that. But no matter in what genre you think this new song fits, it is of cause a typical alionsonny production. Enough words, here's the music:

Aurora Borealis - STREAM
Aurora Borealis - DOWNLOAD

Friday, April 16, 2010

"Nero d' Avola" on the genuine alionsonny "Nero d' Avola"-Riddim is OUT NOW!

Finally a new alionsonny Dub-Reggae production. This song is dedicated to my favorite red wine the great and unique "Nero d' Avola". This song is on a genuine riddim by alionsonny, the "Nero d' Avola"-Riddim! Some folks will most probably again complain, that "this is not really Reggae" or no Reggae at all. Well I don't care. For me it is Reggae and this is what counts in the end. So here it is, my latest REGGAE production:

Nero d' Avola - LISTEN

Nero d' Avola - DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Alion Meditations" - "Meditation Four" is out now!

YES, this is a very creative week. 3 songs in 3 days, that's not bad ;) After releasing two new songs for the "Alion Original Soundtrack"-project, I wanted to do something without orchestral soundtrack arrangements, something to relax. And what's better for that, than a brandnew track for the "Alion Meditations"-project of which I know that not just a few people like it and are waiting for more tracks? Many thanks to the folks out there who wrote me very positive and encouraging comments and mails for the previous parts. So here it is, track number four:

Meditation Four - LISTEN
Meditation Four - DOWNLOAD

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Alion Original Soundtrack" - "The Kings Funeral" out now!

Seems I am in a springtime creative rush these days. Just yesterday I released the battle theme for the "Alion Original Soundtrack" project and just one day later, today, another track for this epic album is ready. This may also be, because I have developed a new way of creating harmonics, melodies and arrangements. This is a real breakthru. Ok, it would take really too much time to explain it to you and I would most probably not be able to do it at all as it is all free floating in my head. I just can say that much: It is a new way of viewing and understanding musical theory which suits my mindset a lot more than the well known schemes.

Ok, what's the story for this track? Here it is:
After the attack at the Alion River Valley, the head of the Alion Cityguard tells our heroes, that the attackers were not just walking by and thinking "Hey, lets attack those people!", but were fleeing from the City Guards men, because some time ago they carried out an attack right on Alion Castle and most probably tried to murder the king. He says that he must urgently return to Alion Castle to see of the king is ok. Our heroes join him and when they arrive at Alion Castle, they get to know that the king was wounded that much in battle, that he had died. This song is the theme for the kings funeral which occurs within three days after his death, as the tradition tells it shall be done.

People, seriously, I had not only one time tears in my eyes when I did this track, because I had pictures of that fictonal funeral in my head while producing it and I crafted the several parts of this track according to those pictures. I think this track sounds beautiful and strong at the same time. But it also is quite full of sorrow in some way. I think I must do a happier tune for the next track ;)

The Kings Funeral (Alion OST) - LISTEN
The Kings Funeral (Alion OST) - DOWNLOAD

Monday, April 12, 2010

... and on we go with the "Alion Original Soundtrack"-Project: Battle Theme 1

After quite a long time it finally goes on with the "Alion Original Soundtrack"-Project. I have to confess that I underestimated how difficult it would be to create a battle-them for a soundtrack. I NEVER thought that this would probably be the most difficult part of the whole project. Well, because I follow a well defined storyline, the inability to compose the battle-theme in a suitable way, blocked all further steps. This is why nothing happened for such a long time. I have to say, that I am quite glad, that I decided to do that fictional soundtrack prior to search for any real challenges at soundtrack project to work at. I allready learned a lot during this project, for example, that a battle-theme is not as easy to do as it ought to be.

This is track 6 of this project, which is planed to have 13 tracks and as I said allready, I learned a lot while doing those 6 tracks. I am excited and at the same time horrified when I think about what teachings and frustrations will come my way during the process of composing the 7 tracks still to do. Because of the fact, that the battle-theme blocked me for such a long time, I allready have at least 3 of the tracks folloing it in more or less advanced state of completion. So it will (hopefully) go on swiftly, so that I am hopefully able to release the album prior to my 42. birthday. This album will not be only downloadable for free as low quality MP3's but also be available for purchase in high quality format at all well known commercial online music distributors.

Now the story for this battle-theme:
In the last chapter (The River Valley), Our group of heroes was busy decimating the wildlife population at the Alion River Valley. Suddenly they are disturbed by a group of fighters approaching, immediately drawing their weapons, which are strangely allready quite breathless. Anyway, a fight is unavoidable. At the time when our heroes allmost defeated the enemy, another group of fighters approaches on horses. The armor and the coats of arms on it identify them easily as members of the Alion Cityguard. The rest of the enemies flee because of the obvious predominance of their opponents. Cityguard? What are they doing here? Are they comming to help a group of wandering heroes who were attacked while hunting? There must be something else....

To be continued in the next chapter...

Battle Theme 1 (Alion OST) - LISTEN
Battle Theme 1 (Alion OST) - DOWNLOAD

Thursday, April 1, 2010

alionsonny's Music in 7 Youtube-Videos of other Youtubers

Recently, when I was told by a "worried fan", that "somebody was using my music in his own videos", I had the idea to enter my artistname into the searchbox of Youtube to find out if there were more videos using my music as a soundtrack. Well, I was quite surprised, that there were at least 7 videos on Youtube with my music, which were not produced by me but other Youtubers. I say at least because I am quite sure that there are at least 7 more videos with my music on Youtube where the makers didn't bother giving me credits. Shame may be upon them. But my "worried fan" can safely stop worrying, because I published all my songs under a Creative Commons License NonCommercial No Derivs. And because of this, it is 100% ok to use my music in own videos as long as they are not commercial and the music is not altered, remixed, cutted etc. But if somebody wants to advertise a business or a commercial product, he should better get clearance upfront (eg. ask me for permission) or the video would be taken down very quick. ;)

In all other cases, for example the 7 videos linked below, I feel very honored, because it shows again that there are people out there who like what I do. And I want to encourage all who read this and hesitated to use my music in videos to do so. And PLEASE let me know about it! I apreciate that! Ok, and here's the 7 Youtube Videos I found so far using my music as a soundtrack. If you know more, please let me know.

Road Movie Clips - Destined for the bin by Bevoin1970

Tesori d'Orlando - 4 - Villa Piccolo e Castello Bastione - Capo d'Orlando by DigiLabStudio

Hamburg / Alionsonny by WhiteRosePl

St Paddy's Day Party in Second Life by Larkworthy

mountainbiking on mars - alionsonny (sidewalk art - julian beever) by cwd543

Cable Dance by juwimuwi

350 Make a Choice by MuskokaDreamscape