Thursday, April 1, 2010

alionsonny's Music in 7 Youtube-Videos of other Youtubers

Recently, when I was told by a "worried fan", that "somebody was using my music in his own videos", I had the idea to enter my artistname into the searchbox of Youtube to find out if there were more videos using my music as a soundtrack. Well, I was quite surprised, that there were at least 7 videos on Youtube with my music, which were not produced by me but other Youtubers. I say at least because I am quite sure that there are at least 7 more videos with my music on Youtube where the makers didn't bother giving me credits. Shame may be upon them. But my "worried fan" can safely stop worrying, because I published all my songs under a Creative Commons License NonCommercial No Derivs. And because of this, it is 100% ok to use my music in own videos as long as they are not commercial and the music is not altered, remixed, cutted etc. But if somebody wants to advertise a business or a commercial product, he should better get clearance upfront (eg. ask me for permission) or the video would be taken down very quick. ;)

In all other cases, for example the 7 videos linked below, I feel very honored, because it shows again that there are people out there who like what I do. And I want to encourage all who read this and hesitated to use my music in videos to do so. And PLEASE let me know about it! I apreciate that! Ok, and here's the 7 Youtube Videos I found so far using my music as a soundtrack. If you know more, please let me know.

Road Movie Clips - Destined for the bin by Bevoin1970

Tesori d'Orlando - 4 - Villa Piccolo e Castello Bastione - Capo d'Orlando by DigiLabStudio

Hamburg / Alionsonny by WhiteRosePl

St Paddy's Day Party in Second Life by Larkworthy

mountainbiking on mars - alionsonny (sidewalk art - julian beever) by cwd543

Cable Dance by juwimuwi

350 Make a Choice by MuskokaDreamscape

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