Sunday, June 30, 2013

AlionLive - Return 2 Madeira - day 8B is here!

An attentive blog reader alerted me to the fact that I actually forgot, to announce the new part of "AlionLive Return 2 Madeira" in this blog. Well, I am currently very busy creating music, so something like this can happen. Yes, also for the project alionsonny new sound material is being produced again. Due to some unexpected and also unpleasant events you had to wait quite long this time for the continuation of the video series "AlionLive Return 2 Madeira". In addition, I wanted to get the new 3D intro done, which also needed some time to calculate (render). Now it is finally done: The second part of day 8 is ready for viewing on Youtube. And what a part: We walk from the picturesque mountain village of Santo da Serra along the Levadas to Ribeiro Frio. There it "traditionally" begins to rain. During the walk there is plenty to see and to hear, because I did also sing a unique original song creation ;).

The soundtrack is, as for the recent hike videos, once more completely by Cimelium. It introduces two brand new songs by the Cimelium project, namely "Iacta Alea Est" from the previously announced album "Ad Hominem" and "Parque do Lido 6:30 am" from the album: Madeira. The other titles of the soundtrack are from the albums "Mesopotamia" (available on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Spotify and Routenote) and "Madeira" (published in 2013). The soundtrack in detail:
  1. Inanna (Album: Mesopotamia)
  2. Rabacal (Album: Madeira)
  3. Lilith (Album: Mesopotamia)
  4. Pico Ruivo (Album: Madeira)
  5. Alea Est Iacta (Album: Ad Hominem)
  6. Parque do Lido 6:30 am (album: Madeira)
  7. Dumuzi (Album: Mesopotamia)
  8. Ribeiro Frio (Album: Madeira)
So, here's the video. I wish you much fun!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

AlionLive - Bike ride from Hamburg to Ratzeburg and Mölln - Part 2 is here!

Yes, of course: "Madeira AlionLive Return 2" will be continued. However, due to organizing "stuff", it was somewhat more favourable to first get the second part of the tour finished. We start exactly  where we left off in the first part and go from Luetjensee all the way to Mölln. This time there is even more shaky filming from the bike, but since this mainly took place on a more or less developed routes this time, the camera should not be still shaky, but somewhat less than if you go offroad. The soundtrack consists this time of a colorful mixture of songs from alionsonny, Willma Poppen and Cimelium. Even Willma Poppen's latest release "RaumReise" is featured.

The soundtrack in detail:
  1. Cimelium - Cais do Sardinha (Album: Madeira)
  2. alionsonny - Flowers (Album: Electronic Spacerock)
  3. Cimelium - Pico Ruivo (Album: Madeira)
  4. Cimelium - Cimelium - Parque do Lido 6:30 am (Album: Madeira)
  5. alionsonny - Versionist Dub (Album: Dub Antiquities)
  6. Willma Poppen - RaumReise (Album: Willma im Wunderland)
If somebody likes to buy the music:
The albums "Electronic Spacerock" and "Dub Antiquities" by
alionsonny are avaiable on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Spotify and
Routenote. The album "Madeira" by Cimelium and "Willma im Wunderland"
by Willma Poppen are to be released in 2013.

And here is the video:

Monday, June 10, 2013

This time Germany instead of Madeira! A new small AlionLive series is here!

After I recognized, that some viewers, Facebook friends etc. are allready quite annoyed when I only mention the word Madeira, there is now a little break, regarding those travel reports. Additionally, some  people from the most beautiful island in the world asked me to show them a bit of Germany. Why not, especially as the great weather, which outright encourages to do some biking tours?

So I jumped on my rickety bike early last weekend and ate a few kilometers, 150 km in two days to say it exactly. The route was from Hamburg to Mölln, then once completely around the Ratzeburger See to Ratzeburg and then back to Hamburg. The weather was great, but it was also somewhat hot. I again got a nice sunburn, and returned home exhausted but happy. The bike tour was wonderful and I've seen a lot of beautiful things and captured some of them for you on video.

If you want to know more about the route, here is it on Google Earth:

and here's the elevation profile:

I decided to divide the video footage (uncut 3 1/4 hours) into several parts, for the following reasons:
  1. Few viewers want to watch a 3-hour video in one go. One can watch small chunks easily during a coffee break, and if you like a full-length, you can watch the playlist ;)
  2. Youtube, or some display devices seem to have some problems with long videos. They stop in the middle of playback etc.
  3. I can divide the footage by topics
So, now the first of the (estimated) seven parts has been cut and edited. It is a bit longer than 22 minutes and covers the first part of the tour from the north-east of Hamburg to Luetjensee, a picturesque small town in Stormarn / Schleswig Holstein. IMPORTANT: Please excuse the shaking of the camera, especially during the parts that were filmed directly while riding the bike. Filming from a bike creates shaking at all, but as a plus, the de-shaking feature of my camera somehow doesn't work anymore.

The little soundtrack consists entirely of songs by the alionsonny project, namely:
  1. alionsonny - A Sunny Day
  2. alionsonny - Fear No Evil
  3. alionsonny - Summertime
  4. alionsonny - Forest
  5. alionsonny - Life Goes ON!
The songs 2,4 and 5 are from the album "alionsonny - Electronic Space Rock", which you can purchase at iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Spotify and Routenote, if you want to help me buy a new and better camera or a long-needed replacement for my old bike.

And now have fun with the video!