Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Exploring Alion Forest", the second track of "Alion - Original Soundtrack" has just been released!

It is done! One more track for my soundtrack album. By the way, this is the official logo for the fictional computergame "Alion".

The second track of the soundtrack album is, as announced, the song that should be played while exploring a forest and is therefore titled "Exploring Alion Forest". While listening to this song, imagine to walk in a forest with huge trees, sunbeams dropping through the treetops, birds, a deer bouncing by. Imagine the smell of a forest in summertime. You get the picture? ;-)

So here it is "Exploring Alion Forest", the second track of "Alion - Original Soundtrack":

Exploring Alion Forest LISTEN
Exploring Alion Forest DOWNLOAD

The next track I am allready working at, will be a lot less nice & lovely, because of it's topic/location. It will be the song which is playing while the hero explores a dangerous, cursed graveyard, where the undead roam... not a nice place to be ;-)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Alion - The Original Soundtrack

Again I like to announce a new kind of musical work I just published for you. Yes, this is really different from everything I have done before:

Theme of Alion (Alion Original Soundtrack) LISTEN
Theme of Alion (Alion Original Soundtrack) DOWNLOAD

Some of you maybe know that I got the opportunity to create soundtrack music for video games recently and it is great fun for me to work at such stuff, as it is really a different thing than the usual way of making music. I had to learn about totally different aspects than those one must keep track of when producing music for people just to listen to.

Unfortunately I did not get any opportunity to create soundtrack music for my favorite genre of computergames such as Gothic,

Wikipedia about Gothic I

Never Winter Nights, The Elder Scrolls or some thing like that. Those games with Kings, Dragons, Heroes in shiny armor and all that stuff. I love those action roleplaying games. The lack of opportunities in that genre is most probably because I did very synthetic and rather science fiction fitting music in the past and the production companies of such roleplaying games prefer orchestral, epicstyle soundtracks.

To solve that problem, I thought about how

1. I could gain knowledge about how to do that kind of music
2. I could show the folks in charge that I CAN do this.

Because I would REALLY love to produce soundtracks for that kind of games. A simple idea was born over a good glass of red wine... as quite often ;-) Why not produce a soundtrack for a fictional game that does only exist in my mind? That idea has even some advantages over getting into that business by creating a soundtrack for a real game produced by some company: I can let my ideas float free and I am not bound to any of the usual, sometimes very limitting, requests by the company which produces the game. Total artistic and creative freedom. I can really run my genuine own concept. That's great!

Of cause I would love to produce the game for my soundtrack too, but there's too much stuff involved in this and I think nobody can develop a state of the art 3D action adventure game just by himself. So, until I found a own game development studio, I must stick to the soundtrack, even though I allready have a story for the game.

But this soundtrack idea is enough. Everyone who ever played such a game will know, that is not done by creating a fancy theme song. Each and every location which can be visited in the game needs its own (at least one) song. There's songs for fighting, victory, defeat... all kind of that. I constrained my project to a soundtrack album of 13 songs. That's really enough to keep me composing and arranging for quite a time.

The first thing I needed of cause was that theme song which should be played every time the game is started. And... I have finnished one during the past week. This is the song linked at the start of this posting. I would very much like to make a game trailer like video for it and maybe I even do one once I find some time and more ideas for it than I have right now. But for now I am busy composing and arranging a song that should be played while the hero is exploring a forest.

I will release this sountrack as a complete album the day it is finnished. But still 12 songs to go. The projects working title is "Alion - The Original Soundtrack".

Wish me luck and energy for this project. I will most probably need it ;)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Entomologia" musicvideo is online!

Yes, again it took quite some time, but this time it was not my fault, but because of the way my latest video was produced. I used 3D Raytracing Animation for the first time in this video and those parts had to be rendered upfront. 50 pictures/frames took one hour to render. If you keep in mind that each second of video takes up 30 pictures/frames, you can easily understand why this took some time. Well, and I must admit tht I had to stop rendering after a while some times, because I saw something was not ok and start rendering from the beginning. Well that's the way things go...
But now the video is finned and online for you to watch. As every time I uploaded it to all well known videosites, but the best quality is again on Vimeo.com. And here it is, the video for the song "Entomologia":

Entomologia from alionsonny on Vimeo.