Friday, May 20, 2011

AlionLive - New Videoshowidea - First Episode is online!

Here's something new from me again. This time you can see me live, private and in colour on video. I know that this will be a shocking experience for some of you, but I love it soooo much to surprise, baffle and sometimes shock you all out there. So, what's it all about? It is some kind of a lifevideoshow, in which I want to show you a bit of the stuff you don't know about me so well. Well, some of you folks complained about that I am too alien and unaproachable, even tho I am quite open in my communcation online. But with those videos which go under the working title "AlionLive", I want to even more become your "musician next door". The whole thing is planned as a mix of information, comedy, music and purest madness.
The first episode has allready been published on Youtube and the filming began 1 1/2 weeks ago. It shows in four parts a walk thru the nature reserves in the north of Hamburg / Germany, of cause spiced up with some of the best alionsonny music. So here's episode one of AlionLive. Have Fun!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New service by alionsonny: The "alionsonny random Song of the day"!

This idea came to life because of a listener, wondering about all the songs I had released since July 2004, and he didn't know abut most of them. Well, some people seem to have major problems visiting and browsing the songs section of For all those people and those who are simply too lazy to browse thru the huge load of songs which stacked up since 2004, I created a new service: I'll daily randomly pick one song as the "alionsonny random Song of the day" and post it on the social network sites I am on, especially on Facebook. So I hope to get especially my older songs to my new listeners and friends. So here we go with the first "alionsonny random Song of the day". It was first released on February 27th 2007, and it is "Progress (feat. MC Dubbel-U Bush)":

Progress (feat. MC Dubbel-U Bush) - LISTEN
Progress (feat. MC Dubbel-U Bush) - DOWNLOAD