Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New project "Alion Meditations" and first song

Yes, again I have started a new project. This time it is not an arbitrary decision, like: "Oh, currently I'm feeling like doing this or that too!" like all the other times I started some project. No, I was practically forced to do that project by my current miserable state of health. I will briefly explain it, because a detailed description of the project will follow for sure sometime. I've noticed that closing my eyes and doing a certain rocking body motion puts me in a very calm, meditative state, which makes the current severe pain much more tolerable and generally gives me more peace. But the sounds and influences of the outside world allways disturbed this meditative state and I wished that there would be music that maybe could help to shut down those external influences and/or deepen that meditative state. So I asked friends and acquaintances, of whom I knew that they were dealing with meditation and appropriate music. To my great surprise I found everything I could find described as "meditation music" terrible or inappropriate. So I came up with the idea of me going again as far as possible into the meditative state and to imagine how the appropriate music for my kind of meditation must sound like. I did that and I was amazed that I got a pretty good idea how this music would have to sound to and feel like ....right out of nowhere. So I got started working and created the first song.

Meditation One LISTEN
Meditation One DOWNLOAD

A meditation testrun was simply optimal and to my surprise it gave me the idea for the second song on which I am already working on. I feel in relation to this project like Tarzan lurching from one liana (Song) to the next to go somewhere. Where does this leading to? No idea ... but I am definately on the road.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

...and again this site hasn't been updated for a while...

This time it is rather not because of lazyness, but because things went very bad recently both health- and financialwise (see previous blog) and I was quite unable to do much things. Still music has been created. Four songs have been published since the last update. So, enough words, let's get right to the facts:

Some time ago somebody came up with the idea to do a Halloween Songcontest. I do not really like that commercialized version of a ancient festivity and I allways chase those kids begging for sweets away from my door. But the idea of creating a scary, spooky song... well I liked it. And out of this idea I created the following funny tune:

D.E.M.O.N -The Enemy within (LISTEN)
D.E.M.O.N -The Enemy within (DOWNLOAD)

I don't know who exactly won the song contest. I do not know about any votes on that.. and I really don't care :D

As said before things are not going very well regarding my health recently. In fact it is getting worse, but I try hard to ignore that. At the time when I was feeling very bad, I created and published the following lovely melody out of frustration and anger:


Ok, if your ears do not bleed yet, it goes on a bit more smooth and positive. When I realized that my healthstate was not getting better, how much I tried, I changed to "positive thinking mode". To moan, scream and shout is not really a solution in the end, right? As a signal to the outside world and the "evil", I created the following song, dripping of "positivity":

Life goes ON! (LISTEN)
Life goes ON! (DOWNLOAD)

...if fate should after that stretched middle finger still go on bothering me, I have published another load of positive vibrations yesterday:

Fear NO Evil (LISTEN)

Ok, that's it so far. I still have some other news for you but they deserve a seperate news posting.