Wednesday, November 18, 2009

...and again this site hasn't been updated for a while...

This time it is rather not because of lazyness, but because things went very bad recently both health- and financialwise (see previous blog) and I was quite unable to do much things. Still music has been created. Four songs have been published since the last update. So, enough words, let's get right to the facts:

Some time ago somebody came up with the idea to do a Halloween Songcontest. I do not really like that commercialized version of a ancient festivity and I allways chase those kids begging for sweets away from my door. But the idea of creating a scary, spooky song... well I liked it. And out of this idea I created the following funny tune:

D.E.M.O.N -The Enemy within (LISTEN)
D.E.M.O.N -The Enemy within (DOWNLOAD)

I don't know who exactly won the song contest. I do not know about any votes on that.. and I really don't care :D

As said before things are not going very well regarding my health recently. In fact it is getting worse, but I try hard to ignore that. At the time when I was feeling very bad, I created and published the following lovely melody out of frustration and anger:


Ok, if your ears do not bleed yet, it goes on a bit more smooth and positive. When I realized that my healthstate was not getting better, how much I tried, I changed to "positive thinking mode". To moan, scream and shout is not really a solution in the end, right? As a signal to the outside world and the "evil", I created the following song, dripping of "positivity":

Life goes ON! (LISTEN)
Life goes ON! (DOWNLOAD)

...if fate should after that stretched middle finger still go on bothering me, I have published another load of positive vibrations yesterday:

Fear NO Evil (LISTEN)

Ok, that's it so far. I still have some other news for you but they deserve a seperate news posting.

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