Tuesday, April 24, 2012

AlionLive Madeira Part 7 is online!

It probably took a bit of time and I don't want to explain the many reasons in detail. Put it this way: Some are screaming "Where is the alionmind shop?". the others, "Where is the new music of project XY?", and still others, "When you go on with AlionLive Madeira?" and so on, and so on... Friends! I can not and will not tear myself apart and I have really enough other stuff to do. So much for that;)
Now for the seventh part of AlionLive Madeira: This part is the first part, which is over 15 minutes long and in one piece. The whole could be divided into two parts, but with slightly more than 18 minutes it really made no sense. On this seventh day we actually had a cruise planned on a replica of the sailing ship Santa Maria and bought the tickets allready, but when we arrived at the dock, we learned that not enough passengers had gathered, so that the trip would not pay for the ship owners and so we had to do the trip on the next day. Not really a bad thing. So we have again used the day to relax and explore the center of Funchal, a little more, visited a nice park, saw cucumbers  on trees;), and had a good time with a good wine and good food. This is the video that has been filmed on that day:

Monday, April 23, 2012

News from Willma Poppen!

Yes, it has really happened. Some people thought this project was dead, others simply knew, that it is immortal. We are talking about Willma poppen a project of alionsonny and some friends who prefer to stay anonymous for good reasons. And it is those friends who are the reason why releases by this, by the way quite popular, project are quite rare. Those friends are not willing or unable to invest more of their most valued time into the project. But now it has happened once more: An elaborate (no, Sven, it is not ejaculate!) of the relentless force of consequently sweet Pop-Techno has come to the dull light of the world. And maybe, really maybe, the Willma poppen Project will also release an album, before the folks it consists of, who are without exception old farts who have a very unhealthy lifestyle, cease to exist. Well and here without any more words, the new song by Willma Poppen which is titled "Popp-Eye"

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

alionsonny - Ultimate Collection 2012

For the upcomming opening of the alionmind records Webshop, I am proud to announce a very special release: The alionsonny - Ultimate Collection 2012. What is that? It is a DVD containing the seven alionsonny music albums released so far at a special price. And that's not all: You will fin not only all covergraphics in high resolution on this DVD, but also 69 of the songs in uncompressed wave audio format. Most of the songs are in pristine 320 kbps MP3 quality. Here's in detail what you get if you purchase that DVD:

4,61 GB of music
A total of 91 Songs
69 songs in uncompressed wave audio format
71 songs in pristine 320 kbps MP3 quality
2 Songs in 192 kbps MP3
11 Songs in 128 kbps MP3
3 full sets of Covergraphics in high resolution
4 frontcovergraphis in 800 x 800 pixels resolution

And what's the price? 50 Euros or US-Dollar. Expensive? I don't think so. Usually an alionsonny musicalbum is 10 Euros/US-Dollar. You get 7 albums for the price of 5 here, plus wave audio versions of most of the songs, which you do not get usually. I think that's a bargain. As I said, the alionmind records Webshop will be online soon and of cause you will be able to buy the Ultimate Collection 2012 there too. If you don't want to wait, you can also right now pay the 50 Euros/US-Dollar to my payPal account (Mailaddress: alionsonny@alionsonny.com) or you can send a bank transfer to my bank account:

Juergen Wolther
Banking Institure: Hamburger Sparkasse
IBAN: DE84200505501295408106

Best is if you write an email to me after sending the money, so I am able to know who you are and of cause I need your name and postal address to be able to send the DVD to you. By the way: You do NOT get a pressed DVD, but a self burned DVD-R. This is because it would be not suitable for such the small number of copies I expect to sell. Additionally there is some issues regarding to the GEMA which keep me from offering pressed DVDs. The covergraphics are not printed allready. You get them for printing them yourself on the DVD. I added the covergraphics below this posting.

So if you want the ultimate alionsonny music collection, oder now! If you still have questions, ask them in the comments of this blog, or send me an email.