Monday, June 21, 2010

On we go with the "Alion Meditation" Series!

Many have asked when a new song für the "Alion Meditation" will be published again. Ok, two moths have passed and I know a lot of you folks out there love, for whatever reason, that series. I know this from all your nice mails AND the download stats on various music upload sites. "Alion Meditations" seems to be BY FAR my most successfull music project so far. Well, I don't get it ;) So here's part 5. It is not as strange as, for example, part 1, but I think you'll still like it. Soon I'll publish some "behind the scenes information" which will give you an idea about the connection of the music to my "meditative experiments". But for now have fun with another relaxing, chilling piece of alionsonny music:

Meditation Five - LISTEN
Meditation Five - DOWNLOAD

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Finally a new "reggaelike" Track - "Going Bonkers"

Yes, rejoice my children! The wait is over. Here's a new "reggaelike" alionsonny track. May the purists rant and rave, may they curse and rotate in highspeed. The big Reggae Blasphemer has done it again. Friend to whom I showed the track before releasing it say that it IS Reggae and that there's no doubt about this. But hey, I love it to sa that it is just reggaelike and it is in my unique style. I am unable to do simply Reggae. I create AlionReggae! That's a totally different thing and it is good that way. So now you maybe ask yourself: Why that title of the song. Well, I just say so much: It reflects my current mental state. Nuff said, listen to the music: