Monday, October 29, 2012

AlionLive Madeira: That's it, folks... not really!

Now, after a bit less than a year it is done: The very last part of AlionLive Madeira is ready. All together, there is now 7 hours and 14 Minutes of AlionLive madeira available. The reasons why it all took so long to finnish is extensively described in the video. But those of you who follow my projects and other activities will allready know it.

The video features the last pictures from Madeira, a bit of the airport, a bit of the flight, but the biggest part of the video is a humble little collection of tipps for your travel to Madeira. I was a bit in doubt if I should do that, because after one trip to Madeira I am not really a Madeira-Pro. But the public demand for this was so overwhelming, that I had to do it.

The music is again from the alionsonny album "XperiMental ReggaeWorX" from 2004, my first album ever, and the album "Reggae?" from 2010. Here are again the links if you enjoy the music so much that you want to buy it:

"XperiMental ReggaeWorX" on:

"Reggae?" on:

Ok, that is done now! It was real fun, from my stay in Madeira, over the editing and publishing rith to the interaction with you. And if you are sad now, that nothing funny and uplifting will now come from Madeira... SURPRISE: The next trip to Madeira is allready planned and the title will be "AlionLive RETURN 2 Madeira". But here is, for now, the last part of AlionLive Madeira:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

AlionLive Madeira Part 15 is here! Fun at the Beach & more!

Yes, that part was allready uploaded yesterday, but until now I had no time to mention it here at the Blog. This is the next-to-last and in fact last real part of AlionLive Madeira. It takes us to the beach again, this time one between Camara de Lobos and the Cabo Girao. Later we did a long walk in the evening along the coast back to the hotel. And then we had our last nice meal in a restaurant. Alltogether over 30 minutes of video are the result. The soundtrack this time consists entirely of songs from my first Reggae album "XperiMental Reggae WorX" from 2004. If you like the music, you can buy the album conviniently and not too expensive at the following shops:
And now, have much fun with the video!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Mesopotamia" by Cimelium is now available on Routenote for just 8,45$!

Yeah, that went quick. Thanks to James Bennett at Routenote and a big apology by me, because the problem with the album was indeed MY FAULT. I didn't simply understand the difference between 1415 and 1425 pixels. I think I never felt that stupid in my whole life. ok, but now everything is great and James even was so kind to approve the album immediately. So i am happy as a man can be. So, if you want the album right now and have no problems paying in US$, THIS IS WHERE TO CLICK to get to the albums page in my Routenote Shop. If you did not pre-listen the whole album by now, you can do it there aswell as on the Cimelium Soundcloud page. Have fun, folks!

Ahh, by the way: If you want to listen to most of the tracks of the album and watch wonderful impressions from my favorite place on earth (Madeira), there are 4 parts of my video series AlionLive Madeira available to do so. Here they are:

The album "Mesopotamia" of the Cimelium project is READY!

Yes, it is done! Yesterday I finnished the last track, titled "Dagon", of the Cimelium album "Mesopotamia". But, once again, I have some problems with the distribution service Routenote. When I tried to upload the album yesterday, the uploader refused to accept the coverart, though it was of the correct dimensions and in the propper fileformat. This means that everything stuck at the first step of the upload process. Well, no idea what is wrong again. So it will take some time until the album will be available at the Routenote shop and even more time until it will be available on iTunes and Amazon.

Well, you know that all from the release of the Willma Poppen album allready. Now, there's just a rather inconvinient way to get the album for those of you, who want the album right now. Here is how it works:
  1. The price for the album is 9,90 Euro or US$
  2. Send me that ammount of cash either to my Paypal ( or send me a mail to the same address if you do not like Paypal for any reason. I will then provide you with banking details for a bank transfer.
  3. If you payed via Paypal, please send me an additional mail with an e-mailaddress, to which I can send the album.
  4. Once I receive your payment, I will send you the album in an archive via mail.
  5. IMPORTANT: Please make sure, that your mailaccount allows attackments up to 150 MB!
  6. If you are, for any reason, unable to receive the album via e-mail, please provide me with a postal address, so I can send you the album via postal mail
Again, I'm very sorry for the inconvinience. It is not really my fault. Once I earn enough cash by selling albums, I will for sure use another distribution service. For those of you, who did not pre-listen the complete album by now, here's a player where you can do so:

If you just do not know the latest track "Dagon", here it is:

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Next-to-last track for the Cimelium album, "Enlil", has been released!

Ok, folks: I wrote all the stuff for the Cimelium blog allready, but most of you seem not to be able to visit this official Cimelium Blog ;). This is why I still have to announce news about the Cimelium project here also. But since I have loads of stuff to do and am too lazy to write a new blog entry for this blog, I simply copy & paste the Cimelium blog entry here:
With giant steps I head towards the release of the "Mesopotamia" album. Only one more track and we are ready to go. The track "Enlil", which I uploaded yesterday allready and just somehow forgot to promote at the blogs, is again somewhat different than the other tracks. It is, what i call a "free floater", which means, that there's no prominent and particular melody line or alike, but just a floating carpet of sound. It mainly consists only of a pad-synth which I sampled and then mangled thru a sequence of effects units which are constantly automated to achieve an evolving soundscape. Still I added some string-instrument arpeggio and some majestic brass-thingies to enhance the listening experience. Well, again i hope you enjoy what you hear and I'll do my best to finnish that remaining song for the album this weekend so the album can be released next week.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

News from the project Cimelium: Tiamat!

And finally here is a new song from the project Cimelium. You remember it, right? Well the most recent song destined for that album was released more than 4 months ago. The Willma Poppen album really halted all work at this album.

Und this now is one of the last missing 3 songs for the album "Mesopotamia". Because I want finnish that album this month and there are barely 2 weeks of the month left, I have to do one song each week. This really SHOULD be possible.

This current work is quite different from all the other songs on the album. To describe why is somewhat difficult. best is you take a listen yourself and I hope you like it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

AlionLive Madeira Part 13 is here! A Catamaran Trip and more!

Oops, nearly I forgot to mention that video here in my blog. Somehow I am not myself these days ;)

Yes, on we go with AlionLive Madeira and we are nearing the end at full speed. But then I have something new for you allready. The VIP Club ;) allready knows about it, and the others will experience a quite big surprise.

The current part, which is embedded below, is about a total of 2 visits to restaurants, a quite lengthy catamaran trip and a visit to a big shopping mall in total christmastime craze. So you will see a lot of interesting stuff in over an hour of video.

Ahh, nearly forgot: The sountrack is pure Reggae by the alionsonny project and the songs are destined for the new alionsonny album, which will be released before the end of 2012. It includes the recently published track "Talking Cat".

Friday, October 12, 2012

Finally: New Reggae by alionsonny - "Talking Cat"!

Hey! One was the last time you got some new music from alionsonny? No, I do not mean Willma Poppen, Cimelium etc. I mean Dub(Reggae) from the alionsonny project itself. Yess it has been a loong time since then.

Well the last signal you got from alionsonny was on July 5th 2012, and it was just one of the 3 finnished remakes of alionsonny antiquities. So it was not really something new. To find a real release of a genuine brandnew song, we have to go back much further in time to February 9th 2012. Back then the second part of the AlionLive Madeira video series was released, which contained the new song "Madeira". By the way: Somehow I didn't mention the actual release of the song "Madeira" in this Blog. So 8 months have passed since you got a new Reggae track from me. Now that I am realizing this, I can very well understand why some folks got a bit grudgy against me.

But to make you Reggae fans a bit happy and to "make you a bit hot", there's not just a brandnew song below this post, but also I want to announce that a brandnew alionsonny album will be released in 2012. Now, that the work at the Willma Poppen album is done and there are just 3 songs left to do for the first Cimelium album, there's enough space to create an album for you, the first fans I ever had. Like allways the album will contain 13 tracks, of which 8 are allready finnished. Those works are from 2010 to 2012. So there's just 5 tracks missing, and those i will create if I stay healthy and no creative blockade hits me prior to the end of 2012.

Ok, and now have fun with a brandnew alionsonny song, titled "Talking Cat":

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Album "Heroes of the Popp-Culture" now for 8,45$ at Routenote!

Some allready asked, when the first Willma Poppen album will be finally available for download online. In fact some time has passed since the release of the album has been announced. The reason for this is, that, to put it politely, the Routenote website is not really perfect. Something really went wrong, so the release was not just a bit delayed. But with the great help of Routenote's James Bennett we got the album at least into the Routenote shop now. The release at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc. now will take another 2 to 6 weeks. then you will be able to buy it using your native language, pay in Euros or whatever your countries currency is, or you can simply stream it using Spotify. Until then: If you want to get the album quick and in a not too complicated way, click here to buy it at the Routenote shop. Hint: If you want to do me a special favor: If you buy the album at Routenote, I keep 100% of the cash. If you buy it somwewhere else, I get less money.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

AlionLive Madeira - Pico Ruivo -The day after!

On we go with a rather short part of AlionLive. No surprise that this part is so short, because who likes to film on a day after a little catastrophe. If that day is mostly spent hikng heavily tired down the mountains, it is now wonder, that filming has the lowest priority. Everything else is described by me in the video in a quite unusual position.

The soundtrack of this video consists of the 4 most recent tracks of the Cimelium project.

Have fun and note: If you subscribe to the channel, you'll never again miss an AlionLive Episode. I would be very glad about some video comments. TIP: You do not need to upload videos to have a YouTube account ;)