Friday, October 12, 2012

Finally: New Reggae by alionsonny - "Talking Cat"!

Hey! One was the last time you got some new music from alionsonny? No, I do not mean Willma Poppen, Cimelium etc. I mean Dub(Reggae) from the alionsonny project itself. Yess it has been a loong time since then.

Well the last signal you got from alionsonny was on July 5th 2012, and it was just one of the 3 finnished remakes of alionsonny antiquities. So it was not really something new. To find a real release of a genuine brandnew song, we have to go back much further in time to February 9th 2012. Back then the second part of the AlionLive Madeira video series was released, which contained the new song "Madeira". By the way: Somehow I didn't mention the actual release of the song "Madeira" in this Blog. So 8 months have passed since you got a new Reggae track from me. Now that I am realizing this, I can very well understand why some folks got a bit grudgy against me.

But to make you Reggae fans a bit happy and to "make you a bit hot", there's not just a brandnew song below this post, but also I want to announce that a brandnew alionsonny album will be released in 2012. Now, that the work at the Willma Poppen album is done and there are just 3 songs left to do for the first Cimelium album, there's enough space to create an album for you, the first fans I ever had. Like allways the album will contain 13 tracks, of which 8 are allready finnished. Those works are from 2010 to 2012. So there's just 5 tracks missing, and those i will create if I stay healthy and no creative blockade hits me prior to the end of 2012.

Ok, and now have fun with a brandnew alionsonny song, titled "Talking Cat":

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