Thursday, August 13, 2009

Entomologia II - Song and Video online!

This time I decided to update the blog ie the new on in one go for the song and the video. The song was actually ready two days ago, but I decided to upload it today with the video. People, who follow my updates on Twitter knew much earlier about it all. If you, dear reader want to be amongst those who get all news about all I do before all the others get them. just just follow my Updates on Twitter... if you, have a Twitter account.

The first chapter of the Entomologia-Series was published in late May and there was also a video for the first chapter. Now the second chapter has been published, which shares the topic of the first part and also its musical style: Videotopic = Insects, Music = Techno in a Trance style. As allways it is all for free and can be downloaded from various sources on the web.

The Soundtrack/Song:
and here is the video:

This time I embedded the video from YouTube, because Vimeo lost it's advances over YouTube in things like videoquality (compression) compared with YouTube. At all some things have changed at Vimeo since the PLUS pay-accounts have been established, for all freeriders and those changes were no positive ones. For example: One has to wait in line for videos to be encoded, because videos of paying members are encoded first. This takes a looong time recently. In the case of the "Entomologia II" video I had to wait about two hours after the video was allready uploaded until it was encoded. Additionally Vimeo cutted the possibility for freeriders that visitors could download the original uploaded video. Well, I understand that Vimeo must have an eye on the costs and that they want to make money. But this eliminates all advences Vimeo had compared with Youtube in the past. This means: From now on I'll embed my videos from YouTube, because YouTube got better in many aspects. Uploads do no longer time out and are processed in acceptable time and the results of encoding are no longer as bad as they were some months ago.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Old Harbor Pub (Alion OST) has just been released!

Yes, the story continues! A new song for the "Alion Original Soundtrack"-Album has just been released:

After a heavy fight with the undead on the cursed Cemetery of Alion Castle the throat is dusty and dry and our heroes urgently need a drink. The Old Harbor Pub at the harbor of Alion Castle is just the right place for that. As we enter the pub late in the evening it is quite crowded. Fishermen, Sailors and some folks who are for sure no honest merchants but rather pirates or thieves are enjoying the music of the band and the rum. A guy at the bar who is barely able to not fall on the floor shouts for another drink. He is told by the bartender that he allready had enough and should leave the place. As he keeps complaining the bartender grabs him and throws him out. We sit down at the bar and order a drink. The bartender looks at us with a suspecting face. Maybe it is because of our look: Full of dust, some minor wounds, dents and bruises all over the heavy armor. "You should visit a healer" he shouts with a thundering voice. Then he serves the rum. Finally... some peace and comfort... We all know: This will not last for a long time.

This song should capture the warm and rough atmosphere of The Old Harbor Pub at Alion Castle:

The Old Harbor Pub - Alion Original Soundtrack- LISTEN
The Old Harbor Pub - Alion Original Soundtrack- DOWNLOAD

Do you ear some celtic roots in this. Yeah, for sure. Ok, this is track four of 13. So we have 1/3 of the songs for the album done. I have some tracks in progress, but dunno which part of the adventure will be next... or let's say it like this:
Our heroes do not have the slightest clue what will be next. And they really don't care, as the strong rum blows away all care for future events like the breeze at the docks of Alion Harbor. They rent a room at the Old Harbor Pub and sleep until a loud knocking at the door wakes them up...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

First song of the "Classic Reggae Riddims Orcastrated"-Projekts is ready!

Well, this is how it is allways with me: You read nothing from me for several weeks, dust blows through the blog, the community is waiting in vain for a sign of life and then again I publish something all the time. If something is less predictable than the weather, it is my actions. That may be a problem for those who are tuned on simple and predictable minds, but I don't care. I am that I am.

The song was published today, confirms the facts written about above 100%. Who except me would have come up with the idea to reinterpret old reggae arrangements in orchestra style? ;) Well, I recently had this idea and extensively explained it in various forums. This brought me into the situation that I MUST complete that project now. Just too many negative minded folks would use it as a weapon agains me, if I would fail at this project.

Many times while working at the songs for the project, I must admit, I thought "Oh, if you just kept your mouth shut". Because, as I found out, I put a serious load of work on my agenda with this. Why?Well, how do I describe it avoiding the reggae community wants to roast me for this? *LOL* Well, let's say it this way: Reggae is not very well known for extensive melodic arrangements, but rather for catchy melodies and basslines. But orchestral music LIVES of extensive melodies and arrangements. How the hell do you get that together? You have plenty of work keep the typical Reggaegroove and -elements, and at the same time ,avoid to let the orchestra repeat the same phrases all the time like a longtime politician. ;) If the orchestra plays a 100% unchanged copy of the reggae riddim it is less then 1 1/2 minute musical entertainmen, not to mention a musical experience.

Somehow I've managed it and I think I have found out which is the way to go. Not that it will be really easier in the future, but at least I know now what the main aspects are that need to be considered. And now you want to listen to the music for sure. Here we go. Here is the first work of the series "Classic Reggae Riddims Orcastrated". It is a version of the "Answers Riddim":

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lotsa News

Maybe it is because of the great weather and the fact that I prefer outdoor activities recently over posting news in blogs. Yes, I have been some kind of lazy recently at updating the blog(s). Well, but that's all not that bad because I can allways catch up on it. Ok, so what did happen? Let's start with the most recent event. Do you remember my collaboration with Colin Mutchler?
Back then, I think it was in 2004 or 2005, I produced two songs with lyrics and vocals by Colin. For those of you who missed them back then, here they are:
Well, recently, because of Twitter, I got in touch with Colin again and I thought it would be a good idea to work with Colin again. So I searched at CCMixter, just like in those good old days, and found an accapella on which I had a try allready, but failed back then to get something done with it. This time everything went just great, because now I have one version ready and 2 to 3 in progress. The version I finnished yesterday is a Euro Techno Pop Version. You can listen and/or download it right here:
If this is too pop-like or techno -> keep cool: I have one reggaeversion and one version in the style of "The Pogues" in progress. Most probably there will also be a orchestral version. So far for the work with Colin.

Since I last updated this blog, there have been 2 more songs released. First there is the song I finnished on my 41st birthday, with the title "Gettin' old". It is a production in the style of "Forest" and Flowers:
and then I released the second chapter of the legendary "The Knights of Dubwood Castle". The first chapter was allready a bit orchestral, but the sequel takes it to the max. Again it is orchestral reggae crossover:
  • The Knights of Dubwood Castle - Chapter II LISTEN
  • The Knights of Dubwood Castle - Chapter II DOWNLOAD
While we are at the topic of orchestral reggae, I like to announce a new album project which you maybe do not know about. The workingtitle is "Classic Riddims Orcastrated". The idea is, to release an album featuring 13 of the most popular reggae riddims in orchestral style. The first song most probably will be based on the "Answers Riddim". I allmost finnished it yesterday, but it still needs some polishing.

So this was the news I think. I ommit all promises regarding poting more often at the blog(s). You know where it leads to ;)