Sunday, July 15, 2012

News from Willma Poppen - Poppin' All over The World

Yes, AGAIN... Well, some of you will say FINALLY! However: The dreamteam of superb Popp-Techno once again came together to set the dancefloor on fire. The ne track goes back to the very sound roots of the project and thus those will enjoy it most, who faithfully stood by our side (or in our way ;) ) since the first soundwave by our project was created. And that#s not all good news from the Wilma Poppen project. The next song is also allmost ready. Just a bit of polishing, and then also this song will be ready for you to listen. Just for listening... but no downloading, some of you will complain. What was the original intention of the project back then again? TO GET RICH! YEAH! But we will not get rich, if we give away everything for free. THEN PRODUCE AN ALBUM, SO WE CAN BUY IT! Yesyesyes, we are allready working at it. But because of good old tradition of the project founder (c'est moi), there are 13 magical tracks on each album. So let me think: The current released song is the 8th. With the allmost done one it is 9 tracks. So 4 are still missing. I bet you'll have the patience to wait for them to be finnished. It will take no additional 7 years, promised. But here and now our new track! Have fun!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Regarding my birthday on July 19th

Yepp, folks, again a year has passed and on July 19th I reach the age of 44 magical years. Why do I mention this on that Blog, which is usually only for things regarding my creative activities? Well, that's not very easy to describe. I have a little problem, which is caused by the great fact, that there are many kind and loving people out there, who want to send me a gift for birthday. Yes, even such beautiful facts can morph into some kind of a problem. Of cause I am very happy if I get to know somehow, that there are kind people who think about how they can make me happy on my birthday. No question!

So what's the problem? A few days ago, I told some folks (who like to talk to others ;)), that I urgently need a new tent and sleepingbag for my tours. My existing tent and sleepingbag are in a very ugly condition because they are of biblical age. The tent poles are damaged and the tent itself has no impregnation anymore. At the sleepingbag the filling is comming out. Well, very quickly there were not just a few kind folks, who thought, that this would be a great birthday present for me. Maybe it was my experience which lead to the fact, that the next nights I had nightmares about my flat being filled with mountains of tents and sleepingbags, so i was drowning in them. The problem is, that neither me or others know what you decided is your birthday present for me. And so it can happen, that suddenly I sit there with 20 tents and 50 sleepingbags... which is not really optimal...

Because of this, I set one thing clear now and here: The person who gives me a new tent and sleepingbag for birthday has stated to do so and therefore there's no use for anybody else to do the same. Therefore I beg all those who eventually had the same idea, and HOPEFULLY didn't buy anything yet, to think about another gift. Again: Several dozens of tents and sleepingbags are not on my wishlist. So pleeeeaaaaseee.... I am very sorry if you , after you thought everything was clear, now have to think about a different present, but I need just one sleepingbag and one tent.

Ok, you got the information that I need a tent and sleepingbag from me myself & I. So why shouldn't I tell you, who now lost his birthday gift idea, what would be an alternative and what else I wish for my birthday? I'm a practically thinking guy ;) So, what do I need? Because I do not want to stretch your financial abilities, I do not mention the bigger wishes... WHAT? You are rich and want to know about them? Well, I could use a quite powerfull laptop for my planned livegigs (live dubbing etc.) and also maybe a nice solid state disk... Well, YOU wanted to know it *LOL* Nope, let's keep it realistic: I allways have a lack of battery power for my Panasonic HDC SD40 camcorder. I would really love to go on a biketour for AlionLive or so for several days without the need of a wall socket. Well that would be a nice idea for a birthday present and I can't get enough battery capacity for my camcorder ever. And that stuff is not very expensive.

Anything else? Not really something I can imagine right now. If you want to send me something for birthday now and you don't know what, you can still do me a favor in gifting me some cash. See: A laptop with the power I need is about 400 Euro. If just a few of you out there send me some cash via Paypal (or otherwise -> let's talk), then even such a relatively big gift as the laptop and/or the SSD are not impossible. My Paypal address is and if you don't like Paypal, just contact me using the same mailaddress so we find a different way.

However and whatever you send me for birthday, I will be happy about it... unless it's a few dozens of tents and sleepingbags ;)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flying Dutchman Dub (2012 Version) is ready!

The new old album is making good progress. Again an alionsonny classic has been transformed into a new and up to date shape. It is the old and well known "Flying Dutchman Dub". I have also decided to not re-record "Versionist Dub" and "Malina Dub" for the new album and keep the old versions. Both songs have a great mix allready and I couldn't find something I would change at them. So 5 of the traditional 13 tracks for the album are ready. But back to the "Flying Dutchman Dub": When i told some friends yesterday, that I am just remixing the "Flying Dutchman Dub",as expected some folks went on the barricades and said that track was allready superb. But that track had, like many, that special "early alionsonny sound", which originated simply from the fact, that I mixed my first tracks without good headphones but just with cheap PC speakers for 30 Euros and didn't know that the bass would make walls crumble on a good stereo ;) Aside from that it was not really a Dub, but just a nice Reggae with som effects on it. So I fixed that totally bass overloaded mix and added a big shovel of DUB! I hope you like it. The album is comming soon -> I am at work!