Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flying Dutchman Dub (2012 Version) is ready!

The new old album is making good progress. Again an alionsonny classic has been transformed into a new and up to date shape. It is the old and well known "Flying Dutchman Dub". I have also decided to not re-record "Versionist Dub" and "Malina Dub" for the new album and keep the old versions. Both songs have a great mix allready and I couldn't find something I would change at them. So 5 of the traditional 13 tracks for the album are ready. But back to the "Flying Dutchman Dub": When i told some friends yesterday, that I am just remixing the "Flying Dutchman Dub",as expected some folks went on the barricades and said that track was allready superb. But that track had, like many, that special "early alionsonny sound", which originated simply from the fact, that I mixed my first tracks without good headphones but just with cheap PC speakers for 30 Euros and didn't know that the bass would make walls crumble on a good stereo ;) Aside from that it was not really a Dub, but just a nice Reggae with som effects on it. So I fixed that totally bass overloaded mix and added a big shovel of DUB! I hope you like it. The album is comming soon -> I am at work!

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