Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Late Update: New song "Rise & Shine" is OUT!

No, it's not because of lazyness, that I update this blog about the release of my latest song "Rise & Shine" 2 days after it has been released. It is, because I didn't want to push the news about the release of the "Alion - The Original Soundtrack" album off my Homepage. As you know, only the latest blogposting is shown on my homepage and this posting pushes away the album release posting. Meanwhile there were over 7000 downloads of the album. So I think it is safe now that another news post replaces the album release post.
So far for this. Two days ago, I released a the new song "Rise & Shine". This time it is no Reggae track, no part of the "Alion Meditations" series and no orchstral soundtrack title, but nice and pure 80s synthpop with a touch of Techno. "Rise & Shine" seems to be much appreciated by the audience, because I got very nice reviews and comments on the various music upload sites where I uploaded it. Thanks for all the nice feedback! So here it is, "Rise & Shine":

Rise & Shine - LISTEN
Rise & Shine - DOWNLOAD

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Alion - The Original Soundtrack is finally released!

Yes, it is done! After a year of work the music album "Alion -The Original Soundtrack" is out. This is my first album with 100% NO Reggae influence in it but mostly orchestral arrangements. Those of you who read this blog frequently will most likely know what I am talking about, if I write about the "Alion Original Soundtrack" project. Those who, for what reason even do not, should follow THIS LINK to learn about it. The album contains, like its predecessors, 13 tracks and this time there's not just a single image to stick into the frontslot of a jewelcase, but a complete set of coverartwork mostly created unsing Blender 3D with a little help of the GIMP. Have a look at it on my AlionVisualArts-Blog.

This artwork is also included in the album rar-archive which you can download from this link: DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM. As allways, this album is available for completely FREE DOWNLOAD. I'll keep it on my limited webspace for quite a while.

It is currently also available on LastFM and later it will be available from each and every good music download site on the web. So grab your copy, enjoy and let me know what you think about it.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The last song of the "Alion Original Soundtrack" album is OUT!

Yes, after over a year of work the last song, song #13 of the Alion Original Soundtrack project is finnished. This took some time because of my little recent creative blockade and also because this was a very special song to create. It is a reprise of the "Theme of Alion" which will be track #1 on the album. It is nearly the same compostion and arrangement as the original theme, except for that it is a stripped down version for two Grand Pianos. It was quite difficult for me to get this song sound good with such a tiny number of sound possiblities. It is compltely different if you have the choice of a whole orchestration or just two pianos. It was a challenge and I think I mastered it very well. So let's go straight to the music. Here's "Theme of Alion Reprise"

Theme of Alion Reprise - Alion OST - LISTEN
Theme of Alion Reprise - Alion OST - DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Track "Meditation Six" is out!

Well, that took quite some time again. As some of you know, some major changes took place in my life and for that reason I was down and had a huge creative blocking which kept me from doings any creative work. Well, I think and hope this is over now. My first release after that little pause is the sixth track of the "Alion Meditations" series. It is REALLY unusual and I suggest that you do not listen to this track if you are on ANY drugs. I tried to put my current state of mind and feelings into this one. This is why this is no realy composition. It has no real melody, no fancy hookline. In fact I am not sure if it is music at all. But I WANTED to do this and so I did. If some of you or even one single listener on earth enjoys it, I am glad about it. If notm I don't even care. I want to do more just for the sake of doing it. So here's "Meditation Six":

Meditation Six - LISTEN
Meditation Six - DOWNLOAD