Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Alion - The Original Soundtrack is finally released!

Yes, it is done! After a year of work the music album "Alion -The Original Soundtrack" is out. This is my first album with 100% NO Reggae influence in it but mostly orchestral arrangements. Those of you who read this blog frequently will most likely know what I am talking about, if I write about the "Alion Original Soundtrack" project. Those who, for what reason even do not, should follow THIS LINK to learn about it. The album contains, like its predecessors, 13 tracks and this time there's not just a single image to stick into the frontslot of a jewelcase, but a complete set of coverartwork mostly created unsing Blender 3D with a little help of the GIMP. Have a look at it on my AlionVisualArts-Blog.

This artwork is also included in the album rar-archive which you can download from this link: DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM. As allways, this album is available for completely FREE DOWNLOAD. I'll keep it on my limited webspace for quite a while.

It is currently also available on LastFM and later it will be available from each and every good music download site on the web. So grab your copy, enjoy and let me know what you think about it.

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