Monday, August 27, 2012

Finally we continue with AlionLive Madeira!

Ok, this is a rather short episode of AlionLive Madeira, but I think it is quite a nice one. As announced quite some time ago, this video is about a adventuresome bus ride from the botanical garden of Funchal to the town center. To ride a bus in Madeira, is, because of the natural characteristics of Madeira, a real adventure and, as I think, nearly all busdrivers, for example here in Hamburg, would not be able to get just a part of the route, you see in this video, done without having an accident. Often there is less than a hands width between the bus and vehicles comming from the opposite direction, a wall or a cliff nearby the road. I still had a bit of vertigo viewing that video and at some parts I thought "Well, good that the route did not continue on THAT street". Riding a bus is an adventure nobody traveling to Madeira should miss. It doesn't cost much and that adventure beats many things you can do in Madeira which cost a lot more and it is much more of a thrill.
The music in this video is from my albums "XperiMental Reggae WorX" and "Reggae?", which are available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Routenote.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

New song by Cimelium, "Ad Hominem", has just been released!

While not just a few folks are waiting for the first album "Mesopotamia" by Cimelium, a new song with the title "Ad Hominem" has been released out of the order. After all that song has been finnished quite a while ago. It was just, that I allways thought I could add something to it and make it less repetitive. But each try to add something to the existing work ended in that I felt it was disturbing the flow of the whole piece. Today i decided, that the song is good as it is and when my girlfriend agreed on this, i decided to just release it as it is. Now just a few people will ask, where they can buy it. My answer is: Well, I don't like to sell single songs much, and prefer to sell them on complete albums. SHOULD there be a considerable number of requests for a way to buy that song, I'll will make it happen that you can buy it from iTunes, Amazon etc. So, if you are interested in buying that piece of music, just let me know about it via the well known means of communication or just write a comment below that blogentry. Otherwise the song will be released on one of the future Cimelium albums. And there we are again at the topic "Cimelium album": Yes it will be released soon! But the fans of Willma Poppen are also waiting for their album and are, because of that, getting on my nerves why nothing is happening there. Additionally I am also working at the new alionsonny album, for which also a serious number of folks are waiting, and I am also working at some other project about which i talked too much so people are bothering me about them too. Well, I could write on and on and on about what you people out there are waiting for, but I prefer to showcase the latest song of Cimelium. Here is "Ad Hominem"! Enjoy!

Friday, August 10, 2012

A new AlionLive Episode... and trouble with Copyright Trolls on Youtube!

Well, actually I just wanted to inform you about the new AlionLive video I uploaded yesterday... if there wasn't our beloved Copyright Trolls, who force me for the first time since quite a time to do a rant. What has happened? After a long time of editing I uploaded the Alionlive episode about my biketrip to the Baltic Sea yesterday evening, and it is by far not the first time, that the contentfilter of Youtube kicked in or some Copyright Troll claims I violated his "intellectual property". However that works internally at Youtube, today there was that well known message beside my freshly uploaded video which said "Matched third party content", which means, that someone "thinks" I violated their copyright. Well, let's have a look. I click on that link and get to know that it is suspected, that my video contains portions of the following foreign content:

 "Go Getter (David Wiegand Alternate Mix)", musical composition administered by: 
One or more music publishing rights collecting societies

"Victorious", musical composition administered by:
One or more music publishing rights collecting societies 

This means, that Rumblefish AND one or more publishing rights collecting societies have the opinion, that my video contains a song titled "Go getter", to be more precise the "David Wiegand Alternate Mix". A short recherche resulted in, that this song is by an artist with the very creative artistname Michael. But that's not enough. ADDITIONALLY one or more publishing rights collecting societies have the opinion, that my video contains some musical composition with the title "Victorious". 

Ok, here's my answer to this: 
The first claim i understand as a 100% insult against my works, because I have seldomly listened to something boring like "Go getter" by that guy who calls himself Michael. Techno at all is a genre, some artists use as an excuse for their lack of musical creativity, but our dear Michael with his track "Go getter" sets new standards regarding this. Well, EACH technotrack sounds a bit like "Go getter". Why? Because this track is so simple, that you can hear a bit of "Go getter" in each and every technotrack ever produced. It is puzzeling me, that somebody can hold a copyright on something simplistic like that. But let's see... who is claiming a copyright on that track besides one or more publishing rights collecting societies? Rumblefish? Aren't those the guys who claimed a copyright on birdsinging recently? Ahhh I get it! Now Rumblefish wants to claim a copyright on the 4/4 rhythm with the bassdrum on each beat and the prominent use of so called SuperSaws. Because that's all "Go getter" by Michael has to offer... and has in common with a few of my works. And now for the second claim: What is "Victorious"? A song? A band? Ahhh, no it's a "musical composition"... by who? Who's the composer, the performer, the actual copyright holder? ...distributed by which label? Sorry dear Youtube folks, that's a bit vague claim, don't you think? 

So I filed (it's not for the first time) a dispute about those false claims and... after just about 5 minutes I had a mail in my email, that one or more publishing rights collecting societies have checked my objection and withdrew their claim. A glimpse on the status page told me, that this was just for the "Victorious" claim but not for "Go getter" by Michael. The question which came to my mind was, if one or more publishing rights collecting societies directly and within 5 minutes went to my video after I rejected their claim and withdrew their claim because they recognized it was all my own music... Why not the other one regading "Go getter" too? And Rumblefish? i think they really want to copyright the 4/4 rhythm with the bassdrum on each beat and the prominent use of so called SuperSaws. ;) 

All video- and audiomaterial of that video is like allways my own self produced content. The music is, with the exception of one song, by my sideproject Willma Poppen project. And the only exception is one song I released under the artistname alionsonny. Here's the tracklist:

 0:00 -  0:55 alionsonny - Intro
 0:56 -  5:07 Willma Poppen - Willma Poppen
 5:08 - 10:30 Willma Poppen - Popp-U-Lism
10:31 - 14:33 Willma Poppen - Popp-Corn
14:34 - 19:28 Willma Poppen - Poppin' on heavens Door
19:29 - 24:22 Willma Poppen - Heroes of the Popp Culture
24:23 - 29:29 Willma Poppen - Mrs. Von Poppen's Funny Mushroom Omelette
29:30 - 34:25 Willma Poppen - Poppin' All Over The World
34:26 - 39:48 Willma Poppen - Strandspaziergang
39:49 - 44:40 Willma Poppen - Popp-Eye
44:40 - 47:53 alionsonny - Entomologia 

I strictly advise Youtube to look out for a better contentfilter and/or not to listen to each and every copyright troll in the multiverse. I really think about claiming the copyright for "Go getter", because that strange use of a 4/4 rhythm with the bassdrum on each beat and the prominent use of so called SuperSaws seems to be copied from the Willma Poppen Project ;). No, just kidding! That shitty capitalism which is basically responsible for bullshit like the one this rant is about, will eat itself. And now have fun with my latest video:

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Willma Poppen has done it again! New song "Strandspaziergang"!

Yeah, people complain that i post so many updates about my other projects on the alionsonny Blog. But folks: As long as people allways complain they do not get to know about new releases of my other projects, I am forced to post updates also here. It would be SO simple, if you all would subscribe to the official Willma Poppen Blog, visit the official Willma Poppen Website on a regular basis, like the official Willma Poppen Facebook page or become a friend of mine on Facebook. All that are sources for the latest information on new releases of Willma Poppen.

Yeah, so far for the info about keeping updated on Willma Poppens releases. You want the music, right? Here it is, the new chartbreaker of the Willma Poppen Project and another step towards the glorious Willma Poppen album "Heroes of the Popp-Culture":