Thursday, March 25, 2010

New song "Meditation Three"

It was just 2 days ago when I released my song "Sunrise" and, yes, here's another song. You see: Springtime and sunshine make me creative. The dark winter days are over and I'm back in full force. The song is part 3 of the "Alion Meditations" Series. This time it is even more strange and "spacy" than the first 2 parts. Most of you know me to put much time into melody composition, but this time it is different. It is maybe a step back into my early days of producing music in 2004-2005 when I put more time into "dubbing" and effects use. There's no fancy melody/hookline this time but just 6 minutes of effects freakout. I had a real hard time taming all those filtered sounds and if the limiter had been never invented, I would have to invent it for this track ;) It is a REAL soundmonster and I have 2 advises for you: 1. Dont listen to this if you are on ANY drugs and 2. think twice before you turn the volume up. There's some parts in this track where I think you would be sorry afterwards for doing so.

Much words, let the sounds speak:

Meditation Three - STREAM
Meditation Three - DOWNLOAD

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