Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Alion Original Soundtrack" - "The Kings Funeral" out now!

Seems I am in a springtime creative rush these days. Just yesterday I released the battle theme for the "Alion Original Soundtrack" project and just one day later, today, another track for this epic album is ready. This may also be, because I have developed a new way of creating harmonics, melodies and arrangements. This is a real breakthru. Ok, it would take really too much time to explain it to you and I would most probably not be able to do it at all as it is all free floating in my head. I just can say that much: It is a new way of viewing and understanding musical theory which suits my mindset a lot more than the well known schemes.

Ok, what's the story for this track? Here it is:
After the attack at the Alion River Valley, the head of the Alion Cityguard tells our heroes, that the attackers were not just walking by and thinking "Hey, lets attack those people!", but were fleeing from the City Guards men, because some time ago they carried out an attack right on Alion Castle and most probably tried to murder the king. He says that he must urgently return to Alion Castle to see of the king is ok. Our heroes join him and when they arrive at Alion Castle, they get to know that the king was wounded that much in battle, that he had died. This song is the theme for the kings funeral which occurs within three days after his death, as the tradition tells it shall be done.

People, seriously, I had not only one time tears in my eyes when I did this track, because I had pictures of that fictonal funeral in my head while producing it and I crafted the several parts of this track according to those pictures. I think this track sounds beautiful and strong at the same time. But it also is quite full of sorrow in some way. I think I must do a happier tune for the next track ;)

The Kings Funeral (Alion OST) - LISTEN
The Kings Funeral (Alion OST) - DOWNLOAD

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