Sunday, September 18, 2011

Alion Meditations is becoming a seperate project!

Dear friends! During the creation and release of the first five parts of the scheduled concept album "Alion Meditations" it became more and more obvious to me, that I couldn't keep "meditation music" approach alive. Not just, that the term "meditation music" has a bad taste, because of releases by monetary oriented late hippies. Also the musical direction my releases (particularly the parts 6 to 9) for the planned album changed into a way, which made it close to impossible to keep the original approach alive. It simply didn't fit into those well known and stupid terms, such as "Ambient", "Chillout" or "Ethno", anymore... if I would love those terms loved by the music INDUSTRY at all.
Well, as I announced some time ago, I don't want to release music with no regard to the musical genre under the well established name alionsonny anymore, but split the project alionsonny to a few seperate genre specific projects. The new child project will release music of a calm, experimental kind, using folk influences and partly folk instrumentation. Additionally it partly will show the typical love for effects extravaganza, which had lead me to the Dub Reggae. The name for the new project has allready been chosen, but will not be published now, for "surprise purposes" ;). All existing songs of the project, namely "Meditation One" to "Meditation Nine" will get new names. The remaining four songs of the (traditionally) 13 song album are allmost finnished. The first album of the project will still be released in 2011.

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