Wednesday, August 10, 2011

News & what's happening?

Some of you may have noticed that something is going on again here. 2 days ago, the 4th part of episode 3 of AlionLive was uploaded on Youtube. Finally I know how many parts it will be, because, thanks to the now fully functional work computer, I managed to edit, cut and subtitle all the stuff finally. After all it will be seven parts, so there are three still missing. Two of those are edited and rendered and one of them will be uploaded today. For the senventh and last part I have to record an aftermath. I will do this tonight and upload it on the day after tomorrow.
Why did that all take so long? The attentive readers of this Blog and friends on Facebook and Twitter maybe know, that the days around my birthday up to now were a time of bad luck for me. First there was that total faillure of my maincomputer, then I had some personal / private issues and in the end, about a week ago, a harddisk blew off, which fortunately had nothing valuable on it, but was neccessary for video editing etc. Well, not very great, but now everything works again as it is supposed to do.
Some of you asked, when the webshop for buying music will be ready. Answer: I'm working at it and it will take as long as it takes. I came across obstacles, and I have to learn some new stuff, to get it all done. So please have a bit of patience. Then everything will work great in the end, because: Planning and thoughtfull realization is better than sluggish stuff which doesn't work in the end.
What else? Not just the AlionLive stuff is close to be finnished. Also, after a looong time, a brandnew alionsonny musicvideo will be released soon. Apropos alionsonny: That's where we are at one of the biggest changes soon to come. Formerly I released many kinds/genres of music under the name of alionsonny. That caused more problems than it did solve. First, because most music upload sites require to enter a genre for an artist. This was until now impossible. So I had to chose "Miscellaneous", if possible. That was, for example, not possible on Reverbnation, were I have chosen "Reggae". If I choose "Miscellaneuos", people who search for Reggae will not find my music or at least have a hard time to do so. If I choose "Reggae", people complain that I have chosen the wrong genre, once I release, for example an orchestral sountrack track or a Techno track. Another, but quite simmilar problem is, that if a listener found some music he liked by me and I release music of another genre he most probably says "Hey, your songs so far were great, but I hate that new stuff!".
The solution is incredibly simple: I simply become many. Since quite a time, I release Pop-Techno music I do with friends under the name "Willma Poppen Project" or short "Willma Poppen". I will simply do the same for all styles of music I create. Under the name alionsonny, only Reggae, reggaelike and Crossover stuff will be released, because that's what alionsonny mostly is known for. All the other music, like Techno, Electronica, Soundtrack etc. etc. will be released under new project names with own wesites etc. So everybody can pick his flavor and completely concentrate on that project without being distracted by "alien" music. Let me know what you think about it!
Ok, that's it so far!

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