Sunday, August 21, 2011

The adventure of getting my free downloads off the web

Yes, it's done! There should be no free downloads of my music available online anymore. Well maybe, I missed one or the other, but I don't care. Der majority, especially the many songs I uploaded to various music upload sites myself, is gone. Some pages offered the possibility to convert the free downloads into pay-downloads and I did this wherever possible. But most of those sites want a quite big fee and because I do not accept anything below 50 cent as my share, the downloads are quite expensive there. So you better buy the downloads directly from me, because that's the cheapest way for you to get alionsonny music.

Like said, there's now no music of me available for free on the web. Try it yourself: A Google search for "alionsonny free download" just results in dead links, error messages or fakes. And here it is time for a serious warning: PLEASE do not download any EXE-files from websites, where they promise you free alionsonny music downloads! There's a russian company, which has dozens if not hundreds of websites under different names scattered across the web. And behind the "music download link", there's in fact a EXE-file. I tested it and my malwarescanner screamed in pain. So don't be fooled by folks telling you that it is a "free accesstool" which gives you access to free downloads. Well, actually I would not feel very sorry for people who are NOW trying to get my music for free and catch trojans, virusses etc., but I'm not as evil as you may think. But now you have bben warned and it is your own fault if you still try it.

Well, it was quite an adventure to get all those downloads off the web. As an example I want to name former site called Garageband. I uploaded some music there from 2004 to, I think so, 2006. Then I somehow forgot about it. While running thru my music upload bookmarks I ran across that old thing again. Garageband somehow got sold meanwhile to a site called ILike and I like again was somehow merged with Myspace. On all sites I tried to at least keep the possibility for people to stream (listen to) the music and only take down the ability to download for free. But at that former Garageband and now ILike site I had no choice. Because the admin tool was only half functional, I had to delete all the songs there completely. Well after that I would have liked to get rid of the now completely useless ILike account. But to my surprise the "Delete Account" link took me to the page of Myspace where I could delete my Myspace account. And at this stage I didn't want to do that. But soon after, that should change. So I was at the Myspace account administration page and thought, that it would be a great idea to deactivate the free downloads of songs I had uploaded to Myspace. But to my surprise, Myspace no longer has the possibility to make songs available for streaming only. If you upload music to Myspace, you are forced to give it all away for free. I didn't find that very funny, especially as Myspace NEVER informed me about this serious change. So I simply canceled my Myspace account while I was at deleting stupid useless shit. And I hoped that the stupid useless ILike page (powered by Myspace Music) would now also vanish automatically, but it still was there after my Myspace page was allready toast. So I put a heavy rant on the page instead of my artist biography and uploaded a "Fuck You"-finger as the artist picture. So I hope that if some day somebody respomsible stumbles across this Web 2.0 ruin, he will kill that useless account.

But that was just the most prominent case of a Web 2.0 ruin or abandonned website. On countless sites the only thing I could do was just take down all stuff, because the sites had become abandonned, not longer administrated website ruins, where the admintools have been taken over by kiddie hackers, who have their, sometimes cruel, fun there. Some of the sites were hijacked and wrecked so much, that they distributed trojans, virusses and other flavors of malware in big discount family packs. Good if you only go on such pages well prepared with security features enabled. Still I let my virusscanner do a full system scan after it all.

Well, but in the end only one thing really counts: Mission accomplished. Now I can really start building the webshop for you.

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