Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The seventh Chapter of the "Alion Meditations" series has been released!

Actually this song has been released four days ago and my followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook know about it since then, unless the message drowned in the endless digital buzz. The reason why the visitors of alionsonny.com/alionsonny.de get the news that late is the following: Some other things got into my way and I didn't find the time to update this site and additionally I wanted to test how the downloads and streams of the song go, if I use promotion via social networks only.
But now for the new song: After about four moth since the last chapter of the "Alion Meditations" series was released, it was about time to release a new chapter. It was especially about time, because many of the folks who enjoyed the previous chapters were strongly demanding a new chapter. Because of that I halted all other projects and ideas. AND HOW GLAD I AM ABOUT THIS NOW! Somehow I had exactly the right ideas, mood and inspiration for it at the day I created "Meditation Seven". The whole song was created in about 6 hours and it took additional 2 hours to get the mix cleaned up and to remove some oddities. And it was woth the work, because the first feedback I got for the song was all positive and encouraging, sometimes even euphoric. I am also more than satified and happy with the result and the work at the song gave me quite a lot of inspiration for future works. Here it is, "Meditation Seven":

and as allways the indestructable links at Archive.org:
Meditation Seven - LISTEN
Meditation Seven - DOWNLOAD

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