Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First song in 2011, "Fireworks" has been released!

Yepp, it's done: The first song in 2011 is out. And it really rocks the planet! I am currently developing a new style of alionsonny music. I call it Digipunk because it is meant to be punkrock in a digital style. Ok, it still sounds a lot like Synthpop, but I am still learning to do it right. The next part is perhaps a little more punky. This means that it will most probably sounds a bit more "dirty". Let's see ...
Incidentally, it was quite a fiasco to upload the song on my current main platform for music uploads, SoundCloud. Dozens of times I've tried it and got a nice error message that the upload failed and I should make sure that this is really an audio file. At first I thought that something had gone wrong with the encoding of the MP3. But that would be quite funny if all the other music sites accept the file without a problem. I then uploaded the wav file .. with the same error message as a result. So I mailed the support and got the info that the problem could be the title, because recently some IDIOTS uploaded music that was not theirs. Therefore, the filter would reject a lot of uploads recently. In the next mail I was told that the word "Fireworks" was actually in the filter list. I was asked to rename the song. So I've renamed the MP3 file in freworks.mp3, and entered "Freworks" as the songtitle and voila: It worked! Then I just renamed the title to "Fireworks" and everything was fine.
So let's face it: What is this shit? Why must any stupid idiot upload commercial shit on platforms such as SoundCloud, which are designed for musicians to upload their music? Are there not enough One-Click-Hosters for such crap?
Ok, but now everything is all good and the song is, as always, available for free download and listening:
Fireworks by alionsonny
and here the indestructible links at Archive.org, where you get the song, if I need to delete it one day because of my limited space at Soundcloud:

Fireworks LISTEN
Fireworks DOWNLOAD

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