Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Christmas Song for 2010, "Light A Candle", has been published!

Yes, this year too there's a christmas song by me. This time it is again a genuine own composition by me. First I wanted to cover an old classic christmas carrol like last year, but I just found it to be too boring... and soon dropped the idea. Then a friend of mine suggested to just compose my own christmas song and, not only because I had done this allready in 2005, I found it to be a great idea ;) Just that I didn't want it to be a reggaelike song this tim, but rather one of the typical solemn and moving songs. So I started to work somewhat before noon and at noon I allready had the maintheme and a quite elaborated concept ready. I spent most of the afternoon taming the quite hefty wall of reverb. This turned out to be a quite challenging task, as there was REALLY a big mess of interfering frequencies to be handled. From the first view, a muddy sound swamp was unavoidable. I confess, that I never before drenched a musical work in reverb like this time. But somehow magically the de-mudding of the track was rather easy and until the evening I had some time to work at some variations and glitter. Around 8:00 pm everything was done. Even selecting a songtitle, which usually nearly drives me nuts, was only a matter of a few minutes. I can safely say, that there has never before been a song which went so smooth thru all parts of its creation. Sometimes you just have a great day ;)

And here is the little gem. I is titled "Light A Candle". Enjoy!

Light A Candle - LISTEN
Light A Candle - DOWNLOAD

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