Monday, March 19, 2012

News from the Cimelium Project and more!

Yes, indeed a lot has happened and maybe some of you have recognized it, because the songs of the Alion Meditations series, which many of you liked have VANISHED... Attentive readers of this Blog will allready know why. Some time ago, I announced the project Cimelium, which has been brought to life as an independent musicproject for the genres Ambient, Chillout and Electronic Ethno. Now finally some steps have been done to finnish this plan:

1. No songs and videos are any longer available by the titles Meditation One to Meditation Nine. Instead they now have their correct names for the first album of Cimelium.
2. The songs are no longer listed on the homepage.
3. There is a own humble little homepage for the Cimelium Project. Here, all friends of the more calm and chilling sounds find from now on all information about the progress of the project. There is also a nice little Cimelium Blog.

So far for the Cimelium project. What else? Because of the overwhelming unreliability of some musicians who smoke too much weed to work constantly and seriously at a project, I said BYE to the plan of turning alionmind records into a Weblabel for releasing sampler albums of rather unknown (Reggae-)Musicians. Sorry folks, I REALLY have better things to do than carrying your ass, heaving loads of work, just so you get some money in the end for your lazyness. I allready told the few people who seriously worked with me, that we will trod on on another path. But now, no more bad vibez, because it all has also a positive side: The alionmind records homepage has been completely re-designed to be from now on the nucleus of my own music projects. Currently the projects alionsonny, Cimelium and Willma Poppen are at home there.

There's another important thing I have to tell you regarding to alionmind records: Since quite a time I tell you that there will be a webshop where you will be able to buy my music and later on merchandising stuff. And because it would be very stupid to create a webshop for my currently 3 and counting music projects, it is a good idea to create that webshop for all projects at the alionmind records homepage.

Well, and then some people ask, why there is no progress at AlionLive Madeira. Folks: I don't want to tear myself apart between various projects and sometimes I simply don't to do certain stuff, but do something different. That's my own personal and beloved creative chaos. And currently I find no fun in cutting video, but in expanding my little website empire ;) But OF CAUSE I'm moving on with AlionLive Madeira. In the end I have to finnish this before the new AlionLive season starts, e.g. sun is shining and the weather is nice enough for some new adventures. So be sure: AlionLive Madeira goes on, and you aint seen nothing yet.

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