Sunday, March 4, 2012

The first official Song of the project "Cimelium" has been released!

Yes, finally the long announced project "Cimelium" starts, which was born out of the project "Alion Meditations" after I recognized, that the initial approach for that project would be narrowing my musical creativity a bit too much. One day, when the first "Cimelium" album will be released, which will mostly consist of the old "Alion Meditations" material, all old "Alion Meditation" songs will be renamed and become real songs of the "Cimelium" project. But now my trip to Madeira in November 2011 inspired me to compose the first real and genuine song of the project "Cimelium", titled "Rabacal". To put it more exactly: A hiking trip to the untamed backlands of Madeira near Rabacal inspired me to create that song. I tried to capture my impressions of the nature views there and hope I got it nailed.

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