Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alion Live Madeira Part 5 is here!

Because of other things I had to do it took some time, but here is AlionLive Madeira Part 5. It is, with it's playtime of 7:51 minutes, most probably the shortest part of the whole series. The reason is, that after three days spent with extensive hiking, we were quite exhausted and therefore we needed a day of rest. We spent that day in Funchal downtown. It is difficult to rest if you allways use a videocamera and becuse of this not much material has been filmed. But no worries: The sixth part, in which we are hiking again, is allmost ready and it will be much longer. The only thing missing is a fitting new song. I promised you to do, whenever possible, a new somg for each part. I didn't do that for the fifth part, because it is such a short part, and there would not be much space for a new song. Instead of it, I used the two most popular songs of my project Willma Poppen. And here is, without any further delay, the fifth part of AlionLive Madeira:

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