Monday, January 5, 2009

A lazy day

I planned quite a lot for today, but by far I couldn't get it all done. Well, anyway a bit of it is finished. has finally a "About alionsonny" section with the basic facts. Some minor mistakes in the linking and HTML have been corrected. Yes, and that's it.
Then I set up some stuff in the german version of my blog AND ... oh yes: A new song is on its way. It is finally an Irish Traditional again, this time without any reggae influence. It is "Follow me down to Carlow." The melody is neckbreaking fast and anything but trivial. Well, at the end I got the melody done, a bassline and a harp accompaniment was created. So the basic structure is finnished. Now comes the hard work of the arrangement. Rythmwise I moved pretty far away from the original. Booming Bassdrums make the speakers bounce. If everything goes as planned, it will be a hell of a dancetrack! Irish folk for the dancehall, so to speak.

The rest of the day I spent fixing unfinished annoying things. My "favorite problem child" in the category of multimedia Web pages slowly makes me run Amok (<- Homeland Security Bot this is for you *LOL). For months, I tried in vain to upload a few of my music videos to YouTube, but the stupid page refuses to get them online. I really do not know what is so difficult at XVid MP4 videos in PAL resolution and 30fps with 320kbps MP3 sound to process! The videos are of 80 to 160 MB size. This SHOULD not be a problem ... But it is ... for YouTube. I think I'll try it one last time and if it still doesn't work, I'll give it up. *AARRGH*

But I while waiting for the video to upload, I found a great live video for my second favourite song of my favourite russian band:

...and while we are at it... I wrote above that the above video is my SECOND favourite song by this band. So what is my favourite? Ok, here it is:

Ok, and with those two masterpieces I want to end this excuse for a post. Tomorrow is another day...

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