Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fallout 3

Since yesterday I am a proud owner of the game "Fallout 3". After having lots of fun with the two previous parts of the "Fallout"-Gameseries quite a time ago, I was very excited about what the first real 3D version will have to offer. "Fallout 2" was, for the time when it was released, a real gem, and when I read that "Fallout 3" is released by my favourite gameforge Bethesda Softworks, I couldn't wait to get the game. The result could only be one of the best games ever. And my expectations where more than satisfied. The graphics and gameplay are top notch and the game is one of the best I ever played. I can hardly keep away from playing it all the time. The only bad thing is, that the sound is often stuttering gruelsome and sometimes the audio device driver crashes, forcing me to restart the system completely. But I cannot blame Betesda for that, because my audio interface, a Edirol FA-66, is far from being a common one. The manufacturer Edirol created the driver very spartanic and doesn't release updates very often.

Ok, so you know, if you do not see much news from me in the next days, why this is. I am virtually wandering the wastelands of the post-apocalyptic Washington DC, shooting everything that comes too close and in front of the various gunbarrels. Yes, this is another side of the peacefull alionsonny-guy: I am a evil evil killergamer! Who cares, there are worse hobbies one can have. And now wish me good hunting. Today I am off to the center of that virtual post-apocalyptic hell. Bring 'em on!

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