Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I HATE YouTube!

It has to be said once again: I HATE YOUTUBE! Why? Because this site turns each and every video I upload into unviewable trash. Yesterday and today I uploaded two of my videos which the site refused to accept without problems until now. That's nothing new: Of about 5 uploads usually three do not work. One time there's only a still picture available and the other time the video stays in "processing"-mode forever. My personal favourite: There's only a short "Blidelip" left of the sound at the beginning of the video and then.. silence. This was also the case with the two videos I managed to upload now. I encoded the videos once more and this time the sound is there. BUT: The videoquality sucks. And I uploaded high quality source material. Especially at the first alionsonny musicvideo in HD the destruction, done by the YouTube encoder, is clearly viewable. Additionally the stereosound was mashed into a monaural recording. That's really great especially for a musician :(

I cannot understand, that the marketleader in video upload services offers the worst quality. Fortunately I am able to back up what I told you above with a clear evidence in this blog. Below I embedded both videos once from YouTube and once from my favourite video upload service Judge for yourself. I uploaded the same sourcefile for each of the videos on both plattforms. For the first video it was a 720x576 pixels resolution, for the second the resolution was 1280x720 pixels HD resolution. Both videos contained 320kbps MP3 stereosound.

First "Springtime 2008" in the malformed YouTube version:

and here the

Springtime 2008 from alionsonny on Vimeo.

Now the HDTV-Video "Autumn" in the YouTube Version:

and the Vimeo Version:

alionsonny - Autum (HD Version) from alionsonny on Vimeo.

I think nothing more has to be said about this. If YouTube wasn't so damn popular, I wouldn't upload anything there at all.

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