Friday, March 15, 2013

The alionsonny project is ALIVE! New Song!

This took some time! The fans of elaborate Dub crazyness had to wait whole 5 months (to the day) for a new release by the alionsonny project. While all my other projects were plentyfully blessed with new releases, the reggae-ish part was completely on halt. This is now changing. ACTUALLY there has been an alionsonny album announced for the turn of the year. In the course of my "2013 - My Year" move it is now time to focus on that task.

The start for this has been made with the release of a new alionsonny track, titled "A Sunny Day". As the name tells, this track was inspired by a sunny day, the first one in Hamburg this year. Like the projects "Willma Poppen" and "Cimelium", the project alionsonny has now also a "roadmap" for a change, which will determine the style of all future releases of the project. At the alionsonny project this change is mainly to focus on the specialities of the typical alionsonny sound. To say it somewhat clear: I dont want to get distracted anmore. I found my sound an now it is time to finetune it. With the new release I think I accomplished that so far.

On one hand "A Sunny Day" is a return to the roots of the project, but also a step into a uncertain future. Many loyal alionsonny listeners bemoaned, that they missed those playfull and sometimes neckbreaking outbursts of Dub in the releases of the past years. "A Sunny Day" answers this with a straight "Here you go! Want more?". On the other hand, the regular alionsonny listener will recognize, that the sound is now much more structured and clean. I can hear the friends of the "old soundmud" scream in pain. Yes, folks who love merciless reverb mud and delay mangled drumloops exist. Well, dear "friends of the mud", that's it. Honestly, when I recorded my first works in 2004/2005 with 30 Euros PC speakers, I released (because those speakers didn't speak BASS) tracks, which make my toenails roll up, if I listen to them today. If one takes a look at the frequency spectrum, one sees the bass frequencies exploding and on the other frequencies is the silence of the lambs. Why do I tell this now? Exactly as I said goodbye to the "monsterbass" in 2007 and even more in 2009, I now say goodbye to the other elements which negatively affected my sound in the past. There were also folks who bemoaned the "monsterbass" when I said goodbye to it. Well, the train goes on.

The style of the alionsonny project is also changing. While I often released tracks and albums in the past like "I don't care what you want! Take this!", I decided - also in the course of the commercialization of the project - to listen more to you, my dear listeners. Actually there is a great deal of feedback comming from my audience, and so I can be pretty sure to know exactly WHAT my audience liked at my past releases. THIS is my roadmap: Excactly what you want. So flood my mailbox and the alionsonny Facebook fanpage with CONSTRUCTIVE comments. Only this way I can produce YOUR music.

A little sidenote/detail. While working at the song, I recognized a pattern in a particular melody when looking at it in the pianoroll (digital music sheet in a sequencer), which looked like DNA. I embed a picture here:

For the curious amongst you: The melody is that synth which sounds like a mix of a female voice and a flute. The "enemies of repetition" will recognize that it repeats the same melody pattern allmost all over the song. This is intended. I didn't want to break the DNA string ;).

Another good news: Since quite a long time no alionsonny music video has been releaased. AlionLive isn't really about music videos ;). Because I like "A Sunny Day" so much, I will soon create a NICE music video for it. And if I say soon, I mean REALLY soon. Ok, and that's really enough text. Here's the music.

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