Thursday, March 21, 2013

...and there it allready is: AlionLive Return 2 Madeira - Day 5B!

How many of you thought, that there would be a rather big time gap between 5A and 5B, eh? I have put pretty much effort into letting the 5B video follow as soon as possible. It was not particularly hard to get this done, because the video is only 18 minutes long. I have done that, so to say, as a byproduct ;). I made a little mistake during that. The intro of the video still says "Day 5A". Some very attentive viewers informed me about that. Sorry, I overlooked this and I don't want to re-uploaad the video.

This part of AlionLive Return 2 Madeira takes us to the most eastern part of the island. We hike from the most eastern point, accessible with a car, to the Cais do Sardinha. The video is that short because of the following reasons:
  1. The hiking path was far more challenging than I thought and at many parts it would have been practically suicide to play around with a camera instead of taking care.
  2. My footwear, sandals, was a additional source of hazard. Often I slipped out of them sideways while hiking on steep parts of the path.
  3. 3. The weather was changing all the time very quickly and so I again had to protect the camera.
  4. Especially up on the cliffs, the was a strong unpredictable wind blowing, which would push one off the cliff, if one doesn't pay a bit of additional attention. Also the wind was shaking the arm holding the camera quite heavily. This brought some additional shaking of the camera.
  5. I simply had to get the hike done and get back to the bus station in time. Because I started the hike quite late, I had to hurry up. Video filming costs time.
  6. At some parts, the heavy wind pushed the spray water from the oceans waves up the cliffs. This was another danger to protect the camera from.

Personally I think, that this part of AlionLive Return 2 Madeira, despite it's short runtime, is the best one so far, and that because of the quite great quality of the nature vistas. The soundtrack consists of cause of the brandnew alionsonny track "A Sunny Day" and three more tracks, not featured on any album so far.

Here is the tracklist:
  1. alionsonny - Dinnertime For The Cats
  2. alionsonny - A Sunny Day..
  3. alionsonny - Springtime 2008
  4. alionsonny - Summertime 2007

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