Monday, September 24, 2012

Done! The last track for the Willma Poppen album is HERE!

Yeah, we've been quite busy, yes?  During one month we released 4 tracks! I think this deserves some praise, eh? And if this wasn't enough: We released a total of 8 tracks this year. I nearly cannot believe it myself, if i think about the fact, that in the 3 years before we barely managed to release about 4 tracks. Well, now it is done and we are allmost ready to release that long awaited album.

What is keeping us from releasing it just NOW? Well, principles of me, Sonny von Alion, grandmaster of the Willma Poppen Illuminati lodge. I noticed some, not just little, oddities in the mix of 3 of the total of 13 magical tracks destined for the album. All those of you who listened to all 13 tracks not just one time, will know which tracks i am talking about. I will take a CLOSE look on the original project data of those tracks and see what i can do. And THEN when everything sounds like I want it, THEN the album will be thrown at the hungry audience. DEUS VULT!

And now, without any more words, here is THE HOLY ARPEGGIATUS!

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