Sunday, September 30, 2012

AlionLive Madeira Part 11B is here! Hardcore Hiking in the mountains of Madeira!

Yeah, now it all goes quite quickly, because I really want to finnish AlionLive Madeira finally. And because of that I invested A BIT more time this weekend to get another part online. Yesterday it was just a, a bit strange, busride, but today it gets really venturesome and alionsonny and his girlfriend even get into life hazard! This part starts, where part 11A ended. After the busdriver kicked us off the bus a bit further inside the Madeiran heartland than Curral das Freiras, we went on a neckbreaking hike towards Pico Ruivo, the highest peak on Madeira island, which took us to an altitude of about 1700 metres. I will not tell more to not spoil it all.

The soundtrack is from my project Cimelium which will release its first album Mesopotamia soon!

And now have fun with the heaviest and most crazy stuff on AlionLive so far!

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