Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Mystic Caves": A new track for the "Alion Original Soundtrack" project has just been released!

Yes, and on we go, heading towards finnishing the "Alion Original Soundtrack"-Project. As all alionsonny albums, the album "Alion Original Soundtrack" will contain 13 tracks. And as this is track number 11, there's only 2 tracks to go until that megaproject can be released. I am allready working at some nice coverart. Stay tuned on Twitter to follow the development.
And now, as for all songs, here's the story for this track titled "Mystic Caves" which is rather short compared to the stories behind the previous tracks: After our heroes arrived at "Elven Grove" they are told by the elvens living there, that the hermit former archmage they came to see is not living at "Elven Grove" but in some caves nearby. Even "Elven Grove" was not solitary enough for him and so he decided to live in a abandoned mine. The elven warn our heroes that it would not be very easy to speak with that man, because he secured the caves with loads of traps and magic spells to keep away unwanted visitors. In fact each visitor seems to be unwanted at this place. This track of the soundtrack reflects the mysterious and dangerous caves atmosphere and feeling.

Mystic Caves - LISTEN
Mystic Caves - DOWNLOAD

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