Monday, May 17, 2010

New song for the "Alion Original Soundtrack"-project is out: "The Elven Grove"

It took some time, but track number ten of the "Alion Original Soundtrack"-project has just been released. Somehow I had some kind of a creative block during the past week, but now it is done and I finnished a new song.
Time to tell the story behind this song. As you maybe remember, "Alion Castle" is under a siege of a enemy army of unknown origin. Right after our heroes saw the massive ammount of troops around the city walls from a watchtower, a messenger approached and told them, that the priest of the local temple who is also the archmage urgently needs to speak with them.
So our heroes enter the great temple of "Alion Castle" and the archmage tells our heroes that they have to find out what is happening and why those troops are attacking "Alion Castle". He says, that he can imagine just one person in the world to know more about it and what to do now.
This person is the former archmage of "Alion Castle" who is currently living at "Elven Grove", the place where the Elven of the forest are living. He says that this man will not not be very glad to be disturbed because after being the archmage of "Alion Castle" he decided to live as a hermit in the forest with the Elven. But he also says, that whatever it takes, our heroes have to speak with this man. So out heroes sneak out of the castle using a secret tunnel and also sneak thru the siege. They see that everything around the castle, farms and houses are burned down. Carefully they travel back thru the "Alion Forest" until they arrive at "Elven Grove". This song you are about to listen to is the theme for the "Elven Grove"-settlement, where the Elven live in treehouses and other small wooden houses.

The Elven Grove - LISTEN
The Elven Grove - DOWNLOAD

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