Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Shadows Of The Past" - Track # 12 for "Alion Original Soundtrack" project has been released!

After our heroes have mastered all the dangers of the old mine, in which the former archmage of Alion live, they stand before him face to face at last. As expected, the old man is anything but enthusiastic of their visit. He understands, however, that someone who is willing to face all the dangers on the way to him, must have a good reason to stand before him.
Impatiently, he asks what leads the uninvited visitors to him. Our heroes describe as detailled, but also as brief as possible what has happened at Alion Castle. With each detail they describes, his face gets darker and when they ask him if he know what is possibly going on and if he knows a way to stop the evil, he breaks out in a rage which completely baffles our heroes. "Do I know what is going on? Of course, how could I not know? I warned the fools at Alion Castle for years that just that will happen one day! What do YOU think made me leave behind my life as the archmage and high priest of Alion? One does not just say: Ok, I'm gonna live out in the wilderness, leave behind the life I used to live just because of I don't know! No I was sick and tired of being treated like a fool just because I tried to warn the blockheads at the court of the king of the evilwhich was lying ahead. But... how can I expect you to understand, what even the most educated people at the kings court were not able to grasp?
When the old man finishes his outburst, with some evil curses, he asks, "So, the king, the old fool on the throne of Alion I dead?". His forehead wrinkles got even deeper and he remarked quietly, "Not for long, he will not be dead for long. Well, not really dead... but ...".
Our heroes of course do not understand a word of what the old Archmage tells them. And they ask him if he can tell them this all from the beginning. The old man frowns and says softly, "Well, then I'll try. I will tell you the whole story. Not that I would have even the slightest hope that of ALL people YOU are able to understand, but an attempt can do no harm... "
He then tells a long story about an old threat that he once, when he explored the history Alion. discovered and how he had tried to warn the king and the elders of Alion. This new track of the "Alion Original Soundtrack is the music for this story.

NOTE I started to write this story, but it proved to be too long to put it in this song description. I will soon publish the entire history of the heroes of Alion and of cause a detailled version of the part about the causes of the threat, which I just described briefly in this text. I'll do this in form of a new Blog, titled "Tales of Alion". Yes I plan to become a writer :D Stay tuned, because this wioll become exciting!

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