Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New song "The Siege" for the "Alion Original Soundtrack"-Project has just been released!

This is track #9 for the "Alion Original Soundtrack". The story for it is as follows: After the assasination of the king (Track "A Kings Funeral"), our heroes needed a bit of distraction and did a bit of sightseeing and visited the city which surrounds Alion Castle (Track: "Alion Castle Theme"). But they did not get much time to relax, because at the evening of the day, they got to hear that a big army is gathering around the city walls. Nobody knows who those troops are and where they came from, let alone who is their leader. One thing is sure: The assasination of the king was just the prelude for much more trouble to come. As our heroes get up on a watchtower from where they can see the area in front of the city gates, they see a horrifying scenario: from the city wall to the horizon they see hundreds, if not thousands of armed troops preparing to attack Alion Castle or at least for a long siege of the city and the castle. And this scenario they face is what this song is reflecting.

The Siege (Alion OST) - LISTEN
The Siege (Alion OST) - DOWNLOAD

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