Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Track #8 for the "Alion Original Soundtrack"-Project "Alion Castle Theme" is online!

Yes, I've done it again! Another song for the "Alion Original Soundtrack"-Project is ready for you to listen and download for free. This song is for exploring "Alion Castle" and the city of "Alion" that surrounds it. This song is meant to sound very majestic, reflecting the beauty and greatness of the castle and the city. This time I completely ommited a drum or percussion part. For my taste, the instruments add enough rythm and accentuation to the song. If you are really missing any drums and percussion in this song, there'll be more than enough in the next song ;)

Alion Castle Theme (Alion OST) - LISTEN

Alion Castle Theme (Alion OST) - FREE DOWNLOAD

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