Saturday, June 5, 2010

Finally a new "reggaelike" Track - "Going Bonkers"

Yes, rejoice my children! The wait is over. Here's a new "reggaelike" alionsonny track. May the purists rant and rave, may they curse and rotate in highspeed. The big Reggae Blasphemer has done it again. Friend to whom I showed the track before releasing it say that it IS Reggae and that there's no doubt about this. But hey, I love it to sa that it is just reggaelike and it is in my unique style. I am unable to do simply Reggae. I create AlionReggae! That's a totally different thing and it is good that way. So now you maybe ask yourself: Why that title of the song. Well, I just say so much: It reflects my current mental state. Nuff said, listen to the music:


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