Saturday, January 30, 2010

New song "Meditation Two" out now!

Yes, it's been a while since I released my last song. Over a month without a song release by me drove some chronical worried folks to write me mails, asking what has happened to me and if everything is allright. And now, on the occasion of releasing this new song, I can give the answer to this question to you all: Yes everything is ok so far. I'm still depressed and unemployed, but I'm alive. What have I done all the time? Well I worked at songs, what else? And I started programming in C++ again and that's what I spent most of the time with. Those who want to be up to date what I am doing in that field, may visit my brandnew blog I set up just for that purpose:

The Alion Code

Currently it is just in german language, I am sorry. But if I keep each and everything bilingual, I can make blogging my fulltime job... but nobody would pay me a friggin' cent for it. So learn german or use google translate *LOL* If you look into that blog frequently, you'll also be less worried about what's up with me while I am not making music but code.

Well, but now to the song I promised you. A while ago I announced a new themed musical project in which I want to produce music by and for meditation. I instantly released the first song for the project back then and a short while after, I released a suitable video for it. Here's the second song of the project with the very inventive title "Meditation Two". This time it is not just a bit more rythmically:

Meditation Two - STREAM
Meditation Two - DOWNLOAD (Richtclick and "Save as")

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