Monday, January 11, 2010

Here we go again...

The new year started...well..."turbulent". There's nothing more that you, dear readers and listeners, have to know about this. At least I felt not very able to make music or let you know what was happening via this blog. First I have to apologize to those who tried to listen to music on between Sunday 10:00pm and Monday (today) 6:pm. At the newer songs you most probably ended up on an errorpage. This was due to some problems at my former favourite reggaesite ReggaeDubwise. Because of the fact that streaming and downloading my songs from there is also not secured in the future, I decided to redirect all songlinks to the safe and reliable By now everything should work fine again.

What is Sonny doing right now? These days making music is not working so good, but I started programming again. The domain, which has been unused for ages will be the home of the fruits of my programming works in the future and everything will also being ready for download there. Amongst other ideas I am working at a interesting chat solution which will be implemented in Java. I also work at alionfractal 2.0 again, also using Java. Let's wait and see how performant a fractal generator written in Java is. Recently somebody told me, that the Java 6 plattform is oh so performant. We will find out soon if this is true.

Yepp, and thats it for a short status report. I am back at work!

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