Wednesday, April 17, 2013

AlionLive Return 2 Madeira - Day 6 - A Chaos Day is ready!

Yes, it is done! The video of day 6 of my 2012 trip to Madeira is ready for you. Why do I call it a chaos day? Simple: Because nearly nothing worked as supposed. But I would not be me, if I wouldn't make to best out of it. First, we do a busride in timelapse mode (just 4 minutes) to Camacha and try to hike from there to Monte. The weather, some weather related obstacles and a near-death-experience forced me to abandon the hike and go back to Funchal. After a good meal and a full bottle of wine I started to hike towards Garajau to find Jesus. On the way to there streams of beer were flowing. In the end I didn't find Jesus and filled my spiritually emptines with good Poncha at a nice restaurant where I even made a new friend.

The Soundtrack:
  1. TUBENWURST - Beatrice
  2. alionsonny - Nibiru
  3. Willma Poppen - Willma im Wunderland
  4. Willma_Poppen_-_Madeira
  5. TUBENWURST - 3 Kannen Kaffee
  6. alionsonny - Tachyon
  7. alionsonny - The_Scrolls of Alion Chapter 4 - Eternal
  8. alionsonny - Alion Castle Theme
And here's the video. Enjoy!

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